Stars Who Made a Difference in 2017– Variety

2017 saw some dark times, to say the least. From the after-effects of an especially divisive election to terrorist attacks, the unpleasant headings– both in the United States and abroad– kept rolling in.And stars, thus numerous other people, felt obliged to led an assisting hand. While there are numerous stars who spoke up politically on social media, raised money for numerous causes, and provided rousing speeches at awards shows and rallies, we decided to look back at a few of the stars who made a quantifiable distinction in the past year. Whether they were championing diversity in Hollywood, inspiring hope after disaster, or exposing some of the show business’s dark secrets, here are 10 celebrities who really made a difference in 2017.

Grande was performing at a concert on Might 22 in Manchester when unexpected catastrophe struck: a terrorist battle at the Manchester Arena, eliminating 23 individuals and injuring more than 500 others. It would have been easy to understand for Grande to recoil from the general public for awhile, but rather, she was back on phase no less than two weeks later on in victorious fashion. Led in part by manager Scooter Braun, Grande headlined a tweeted a message inviting ladies to share their stories of unwanted sexual advances or assault with the hashtag #MeToo, she wasn’t amazed at the massive action she got from worldwide, she Taylor Swift successfully countersued a former radio DJ who groped her during a photo op (and then blamed her for the loss of his job) for a simple $1, sending a declaration loud and clear. When the New York Times expose did release, alleging sexual misbehavior against showrunner Mark Schwahn to Ellen Page’s effective Facebook post that not only implicated Ratner of sexist and homophobic behavior, but detailed the battles dealing with females, LGBT individuals, and people of color in Hollywood. It hasn’t been simple– vice versa– however the nerve of victims began a cultural motion that will unquestionably resound long after the year is over.