Health And Wellness Trends for 2018

This post is in cooperation with Robinsons.

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

It’s almost January( whaaat!? )which means that there will be an increase of individuals in your local fitness center, more runners out on the roads and longer lines at Whole Foods as people make healthy living and physical fitness Brand-new Year’s resolutions. How many will still exist in March? Who understands … however for those of us that stick it out month on month, year on year, here are a few of the Fitness and wellness trends I believe we can eagerly anticipate in 2018 …

  • Physical fitness with a conscience

No longer will we simply be looking at exactly what the current athleisure pattern, I believe we’ll be looking more about where the materials, labour etc was sourced. TheAdidas Parley shoes, made from ocean plastic, were a substantial success last year and I don’t think these will be the last. Whether it’s clothes from recycled material, organic cotton, or supporting regional economies, I think/hope we end up being more familiar with where our active wear is originating from over the next year.

  • Less Boozing

I have actually partnered with Robinsons to share my list of top Fitness and health patterns to look out for in 2018 and let you men know all about the new Robinsons Fruit Creations, a squash for grown-ups (they’re likewise launched Fruit Cordials however this post isn’t about them and I haven’t attempted them yet … I can’t wait!). Tom and I attempted both the pictured RichPear, Blackcurrant and Cherry and ZestyOrange and Mango flavours. We both concurred they were incredibly rejuvenating and summery tasting, a very nice reminder of the warmer months (I’m wrote this as the snow discarded in Oxfordshire in December!). Robinsons dealt with flavour experts to mix together the absolute best fruit mixes. Personally, I preferred the Zesty Orange and Mango Fruit Creations whilst Tom preferred the Rich Pear, Blackcurrant and Cherry– I’m not a fan of cherry flavoured things which might have swayed my opinion.

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

Just like all Robinsons items, these are no-added sugar, are made using genuine fruit and have zero artificial colours or flavourings, perfect to drink in December to cancel the party season or in January as part of any healthy re-boots. I like my squash quite weak, so like that new Robinsons Fruit Creations are double the fruit within a single concentrate– it also indicates the bottle lasts two times as long. I’m extremely keen to attempt the Apple and Elderflower version next! I believe it would make an excellent warming beverage on the cold winter nights or post-snowy run!

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

The thing I’ve battled with many in this switch to a much healthier way of life, is that so much of my downtime with pals is revolved around alcohol. I dislike being hungover (and I battle with hangovers severely!) and have considerably decreased by alcohol tolerance for many years but don’t wish to appear like a party pooper or not be welcomed out for drinks. It’s a predicament that I feel increasingly more knowledgeable about … any tips for this are welcome.

Thankfully, as we saw in 2017, there was an increase in non-booze socialising, whether that was an active date night, bonding over Artisan coffee or delighting in an exercise class and smoothies, it appears that heading out and getting hammered isn’t as ‘cool’ as it when seemed. I think this trend will continue to grow in 2018, with more non-alcoholic drinks and bars turning up, and events centered around activities instead of just propping up the bar at the local pub.We might even begin thistrend early by making some excellent non-alcoholic mixed drinks for your Christmas parties utilizing Robinsons Fruit Creations, like these! Together … Although we’re all so much more connected nowadays thanks to social networks, I actually believe (hope)that

  • 2018 is the year that we come back together to do things IN REAL LIFE. Whether that’s joining a running club( like the ones on offer at Mile 27 coffeehouse seen in the picture below), meeting a pal for a weekly exercise class, signing up with a group fitness difficulty or book club. I genuinely think that loneliness and FOMO (worry of losing out), particularly in the dark winter season, is a negative side impact of social media, and so I believe stepping far from the screen and socialising will assist address isolation and mental health issues. Feeling down, alone, nervous … discuss it! Enjoy coffee (or Fruit Creations Squash), or opt for run with a buddy. Rest and Recovery Sleep, rest and healing(and napping!)are going to be even larger in 2018 than 2017. With pods appearing in London that permit you to book in for a 30-60min plus power nap, a focus on health retreats over weightloss bootcamps and the value of self-care being preached everywhere (Google reported that self-care searches are 25% higher in 2017 than 2016)… this is the year to look after your body. Whether that’s focusing on a bedtime routine and lots of sleep, stopping the routine of overcommitting and clearing your diary every once in a while, or turning off from the online world on a more routine basis. Collagen Protein powder has grown with popularity throughout the years, although I have to confess, I’ve never ever fully followed suit. However, I have begun utilizing Crucial Proteins Collagen Peptides publish run mixed into my coffee, and I don’t dislike it.

SarahFit did a fantastic post on her experience with collagen peptides, and as somebody who is hitting 30 in 2018, I am all about helping my skin, joints and food digestion stay as young as possible, lol. Collagen production in the body naturally decreases as we age, and is worsened by way of life aspects such as sun exposure, smoking cigarettes and a diet high in sugar(another reason the Robinson’s no extra sugar Fruit Creations is great! ). Collagen decrease and deficiency contribute to indications of ageing and joint pain due to compromising cartilage– not what we desire as runners/fitness lovers! And collagen proteins double up to assist with muscle healing, sensations of satiety etc that you receive from other protein sources.Reality vs Instagram Yes, I’m going on once again about social networks, however I believe it will continue to grow in 2018. Nevertheless, Instagram has seen a move far from the perfectly curated life and a boost in reality sharing. On a personal note, I have actually discovered that it’s the posts where I’m most genuine, honest and open (specifically about my anxiety and mental health