Ratings of dead cats found rotting in home of senior hoarders

Over 100 dead cats found rotting in hoarders' home
Ratings of dead cats were discovered in the filthy home of senior hoarders Cheryl Smith and John Ellis(Photo: Fox 13)Over 100 dead felines were discovered decomposing inside the house of a senior Florida couple.Authorities who checked out the Tampa home belonging to vulnerable

They discovered that the handicapped couple's a/c system was so stuffed with cat hair it no longer worked, leaving registered nurse Cheryl, 70, and army veterinarian John, 66, to swelter in the stifling Florida heat.A clean-up team appointed to help the set likewise found invasions of beg bugs, cockroaches, spiders and ants.The couple's house had three layers of carpet, with surface areas covered in cat urine, along with rat and roach feces.< img data-orig-id =7199925 data-orig-w=1024

Hoarding OAPs had hundreds of dead cats in filthy Florida home
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Hoarding OAPs had hundreds of dead cats in filthy Florida home
dead cats in dirty Florida home "data-rewritten= real > The couple started saving strays in the 1990s, however failed to sterilize or purify them(Image: Fox 13 ) John Smith and Cheryl Ellis had a further 63 dead cats in their freezer(Picture: Fox 13) Registered nurse Cheryl suffers a severe curvature of the spine, requiring her to sleep in a stained armchair (Picture: Fox13)The horrific conditions left former nurse Cheryl, who struggles with serious scoliosis (curvature of the spine)sleeping on a chair.Meanwhile, handicapped army vet John rested on a soiled bed mattress' that looked directly out of a criminal activity scene', reports the

Tampa Bay Times. Kind-hearted Cheryl and John began saving strays in the late 1990s in a quote to give them a better house-- however failed to have any of the animals made sterile or neutered.Their numbers quickly increased, with the issue getting on top of Cheryl and John, who functions as his partner's carer.Last month the couple were used a totally free house clean-up,

worth $25,000, after a next-door neighbor called animal control, informing others to their plight.< img data-orig-id=7199929 data-orig-w=1024 data-orig-h=568 data-max-width=620Hoarding OAPs had hundreds of dead cats in filthy Florida home

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home"data-rewritten=real > The disabled couple's Tampa home was also filled with rat and roach feces A team from Tampa cleaners Spaulding Decon invested 5 days changing their home.Ahead of the

dirt purge, business president Laura Koppel said: 'We're going to clean this house the exact same way we would decontaminate a meth laboratory.

'I understood I could turn this house around in five days, so it was a natural choice for us.'

The transformation saw the home power-washed, brand-new walls and floors set up, with donated furnishings brought in to change the couple's trashed items.Afterwards, John said:

'I have no idea that I ever admitted I required aid, however I need to have, 'while his partner stated she was 'elated'and 'definitely grateful' for the lifeline.'

Hoarding OAPs had hundreds of dead cats in filthy Florida home
Hoarding OAPs had hundreds of dead cats in filthy Florida home
Years of dirt and grime developed in the susceptible couple's home( Picture: Fox 13 ) Their house had 3 layers of carpet-- all of them soaked with urine (Image: Fox13)

(Image: Fox 13) < img data-orig-id = 7199947 data-orig-w = 1024 data-orig-h = 568 data-max-width = 620 width = 620 height = 343 data-rsz = shrink src="https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/pri_64456397.jpg?w=620&h=343&crop=1" alt="Hoarding OAPs had hundreds of dead cats in dirty Florida house" data-rewritten = real > The set were provided a lifeline when a regional cleansing company stepped in to assist (Picture: Fox 13) < p data-unit = inread-player data-lazy-loading-trigger = 200/ >