The FBI\’s Scary New Innovation!

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The FBI\’s Scary New Technology!Friday, December 29

, 2017 17:46

% of readers believe this story is Truth. Include your two cents.Remember the Leonardo DiCaprio motion picture,\”Catch Me If You Can\”

? This is basically a real story based on the real life exploits of Frank Abagnale who performed cons worth millions of dollars before his 19th birthday! During his cons, Frank impersonated a Pan American pilot, a Georgia physician and a Louisiana Parish district attorney! Frank likewise is most likely the very first person in history to go from actively being looked for by the FBI to working for them! For the majority of this talk, Frank discusses a few of his incredible story and how he did all his cons and frauds. Towards the end of the video at about the 57 minute mark, he begins broaching the frightening brand-new technology the FBI is working on or already has in their toolbox. They can stop your pacemaker and kill you from 35 feet away right now! They can take control of your vehicle, lock your doors, and blow the airbags anytime they want! They\’re goal is to be able to do all this from 5,000 miles away anytime they desire! This is a very interesting story with lots of great truth nuggets toward the last 15 or 20 minutes.See ways to make a million in Bitcoin in the next 5 years!Get recovered in the name of Jesus!Cool Products Of The Day!Paper Towel Now Obsolete!Bring any battery back to life!

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