The leading 5 energy stories in 2017

Here are the top energy stories for the year.1

. The world speeds ahead on renewables, while Southeast Asia lags

Renewable resource is offering record shares of electrical energy in countries such as with the state to build the facility in 100 days -failing which the state would have it free of charge -after rolling blackouts left the state without energy for days. Activated at the end of November, the world’s biggest lithium ion battery was put to the test for the first time in the second week of December when a coal plant tripped. Musk’s battery injected 100 megawatts into the grid in 140 milliseconds, proving to sceptical Australian politicians that renewable energy can be a trustworthy sourceof electrical power. 3. Time for Big Oil to go green The industry made some steps this year: Shell has committed to

slashing company BP has invested $200 million to acquire a 43 per cent stake in Europe’s greatest solar developer, Lighthouse. This marks the firm’s go back to the solar sector given that 2011. 4. New developments for cleaner energy Researchers continued

to invent new ways to obtain cleaner energy

. A global group of researchers has developed a brand-new kind of yarn that produces electrical power when stretched or twisted. Utilizing energy from ocean waves or human motion, the hairs of carbon atoms are a kind of sustainable energy. Another innovation unveiled this year the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado in the US, are perovskite cells, a type of solar thin movie technology that can liquify in solutions and sprayed onto a surface area. This minimizes solar panel production expenses and permits the film to be applied to more type of surface areas.

5. Deepening divestments in the fossil fuel area

In Paris earlier this month, the World Bank, Dutch bank ING and financial investment giant AXA revealed plans to divest from fossil fuels. And in Singapore, students at liberal arts college Yale-NUS called on their university to pull its S$ 365 million endowment from “morally inappropriate” energy sources such as coal, oil and gas, the first fossil fuel divestment project in city-state.

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