This is what the minimum wage would be today if it increased as fast as fat cats’ pay

Christmas has actually left millions of us pleased however skint, desperate for that next pay cheque to obtain through January.There's no such

concern for Britain's 100 most prominent company bosses, of course.FTSE 100 chief executives 'typical pay has

soared from ₤ 1.23 million to ₤ 4.35 million over the last twenty years-a 354 %rise.But those on the base pay are not so lucky.If cleaners'and

bar employees' pay had risen as quick as the presidents', they 'd now be on ₤ 12.74 an hour- an extremely healthy ₤ 26,000 a year. MPs put fresh pressure on mega-rich Premier League clubs to pay ALL staff the Real Living Wage

Rather, a FTSE 100 employer will make the typical worker's whole wage package for the year by this Thursday, January 4 - called 'Fat Feline Day'.

< meta itemprop = url material = > January 4 - 'Fat Cat Day' -is when a FTSE 100 chief will have made the typical wage

The stark figures are exposed in brand-new research by the GMB union and the High Pay Centre to mark 20 years since the minimum wage was approved under Labour.Set at ₤ 3.60 when it launched in 1999, the base pay is set to reach ₤ 7.83 for the over-25s from next April.But even that amount, championed by the Tories, is ₤ 5.24 below what it would be if minimum and CEO wages had risen at the very same rate.GMB basic secretary Tim Roache said:"The rich have actually pulled right ahead from the rest to a degree that is honestly sickening."GMB supports a nationwide minimum wage of a minimum of ₤ 10 an hour-- which is a modest call for the lots of when compared to the pay increases delighted in by the couple of -a position backed by Labour's manifesto."High Pay Centre Stefan Stern added:"There are two ways to close this inappropriate and unjustifiable gap. "One is to have more restraint at the top, and the other is to have the long overdue pay-rise that lower paid employees are worthy of."We need quick development

at both ends."