Police state cars and truck lot secured loans on unsuspecting clients

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo.– You might be a victim and not even understand it. Authorities believe there might be other victims of Autoway Cars and truck Sales on St. Charles Rock Road.

This early morning, Pagedale law enforcement officer weaved through the car lot trying to find connections in between automobiles and other prospective victims. Owner Anas Alshurafa, who often passed \”Sam,\” is now in federal custody.

\”We\’re taking all these vehicles off this lot,\” stated Interim Pagedale Authorities Chief Eddie Simmons.Chief Simmons said they already understand about more than 20 potential victims.\”Anyone who\’s been here and completed

documents, you might be a victim and don\’t even know it,\”he said.The chief said it began with one female who said she couldn\’t get a loan at Autoway, then got a call from a bank saying she defaulted on one. \”She says,\’I never got a loan.\’So that kicked it off and there have been many other victims of this, \”Simmons said.\” So exactly what we are looking for is the unsuspecting individuals, any person who has come here and submitted paperwork. We want you to check their credit and see if this location has a loan out in their name.\” Private investigators searched through dozens of keys, trying to find the right vehicle while working with federal agents, profits detectives, and tow truck operators. Officers inspected VINs on every cars and truck on the lot, examining to see if other automobiles remain in people\’s names who do not know it.Chief Simmons said victims might have accumulated due to the fact that the suspect appeared to be selecting people having tough times.\” A great deal of people, you can\’t get

in touch with them,\”he said.\”They don\’t have phones, they move around. That\’s an advantage for him.(It was)simply great for us that this

lady came forward.\” Alshurafa did not get an opportunity to enter a plea at his initial appearance in federal court on Wednesday. The judge checked out the charges versus him– wire fraud, mail scams and intensified identity theft

. He will have a detention hearing Friday and an arraignment January 5.