Funny picture stops working programs photobombing cats

When you want to be star of the program, sometimes you'll stop at absolutely nothing to steal the spotlight, just ask the photo-bombing felines in the images below.

There's the moggy that releases significantly at a fictional mouse - just inches from a smiling bride-to-be's head.

... when a couple pose for a romantic smooch in lovely surrounds, up strolls a ginger tom and gurns unapologetically at the camera.

There are the kitties who thrill in showing off their athletic prowess too - jumping through the air as the shutter clicks.

There's the feline death look straight down the barrel of the lens, showing the domestic pet's uncompromising nature.

The images below deal a masterclass in why you really shouldn't expect pussies to play ball when you're attempting to develop the ideal image.This is not the time to be attacking a fictional mouse! A feline launches itself at something/nothing ... simply inches from a smiling bride's head

Feeling fruity: this beautiful bouquet of fresh produce is upstaged by a scowling cat

Downward-facing cat! This feline display its own yoga moves ...

Romance draws! A naughty feline interrupts an enthusiastic smooch - by sticking its tongue out simply as the shutter clicks

Baby, you've got a tail! A cute infant all of a sudden appears a little more feline, thanks to a photo-bombing moggy

Who's in charge here? A feline provides some severe shade to the pooch in this image

Selfie sabotage! A woman strikes a position ... and her moggy crosses its eyes and takes the show

Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? A family meal is interrupted by SuperCat I

am not pleased about this canine having pizza! A really mad feline doesn't keep back

Trumped! A girl with a comedy moustache finds herself playing 2nd fiddle to an upside down cat

Atomic kitten: A pussy stops a guitarist in his tracks and sings its own tune

Just getting from A to B. this on-the-move kitten is captured mid-air

Cats rule! A moggy shows its owner's point precisely. : This grey feline seems distinctly unimpressed with its owners yoga positions

How really attempt you! This alarmed-looking cat makes it clear how it feels about 2 amourous felines getting it on

Coo-ee! A ginger tom upstages this handsome-looking canine

A little green-eyed? A tot struggles to obtain a look-in near to the video camera

Everything about me! This tabby photobombs its hoodie-wearing owner

Hold on, I'm on a plinth! A black cat will do anything to be the centerpiece in this snap