New Years List: Top 5 Liberals of 2017 in Need of a Psych Ward

Top Liberals Who Need a Psych Ward

< img src = alt="Leading Liberals Who Need a Psych Ward "width=1200 height=627 > Welcome to The Leftist Psych Ward of 2017. Cautious as you walk down the halls. A few of them bite. Though it’s the perpetual shrieking that’s more than likely to make you bleed. From the ears. Take a seat and laugh cry at the travesty of those stricken by “Leftist Dream Outrage Syndrome.”

1. Psychopathic Democratic Legislator

First, a timeless case of panic disorder by means of neurosis. Earlier this year, a county lawmaker was pulled over on her way to a “job interview.” Probably at a hookah lounge. Unfortunately, she struggles with PTSD. The kind that originates from speaking with extremely patient law enforcement officer.2.

Psychosis Suffering Ashely Judd

Next, a psychotic episode by never-to-be Senator Ashley Judd. This episode occurred at the Women’s March last January.3.

Depressed Jimmy Kimmel

Now that we’ve provided terrific examples of a panic condition and a psychotic episode, time to switch equipments to manic depression. Otherwise referred to as bipolar illness. Otherwise called Jimmy Kimmel.Before this year, Kimmel was simply an obnoxious suck-up with a couple of good jokes. This year, I have actually seen the dummy cry more than my puberty-stricken, unsightly teen cousin. It’s fine, she understands she’s awful. My cousin does too.2. Narcissistic Justin Trudeau From bipolar affective disorder, we transfer to a classic example of damaging narcissism. Justin “I feel pretty”Trudeau is so worried with making virtue points, he brings violent ISIS killers back into his nation. Bowing with a maple syrup brandy as an offering.1. Raging Lunatic Rosie O’Donnell Rosie could easily be one

of the most archived individuals in our writing this year: Some highlights? There was that time she confessed to understanding about Spacey’s pervy ways.u do not keep in mind the event– 30 years back?– fuck u kevin– like Harvey all of us understood about u– I hope more men come forward

< a href =""> @KevinSpacey Or the time she broke federal law by bribing senators with fat stacks of sweaty money. Due to the fact that she knew sexual favors would be a no how about this i assure to

offer 2 million dollars to senator susan collins and 2 million to senator jeff flake if they vote NO NO I WILL NOT ELIMINATE AMERICANS FOR THE SUOER RICH no shit 2 million cash each She informed Ben

Shapiro to”Suck my d
* ck”in a tweet which
she later deleted. Because THAT was the line.Rosie prior to and after an SJW feminist overdose. Do not do progressivism, kids.It could cause things like this: