No, electric vehicles (still) aren’t crashing the grid. Again.

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  • grid can reliably accommodate hundreds of countless EVs; and 2) Time-of-use(TOU)rates are simple and helpful tools for moving electric-car charging times into periods that are beneficial for the grid. 2018 Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid charging at ChargePoint station, Santa Cruz, California, Dec 2017 Enlarge Picture Even areas with high electric-car penetration were able to accommodate the additional grid load with extremely minimal investment in upgrading regional grid facilities.”O f the$5 billion the utilities spend yearly to

maintain the circulation system, roughly$610,000 was attributable to the have to upgrade it to accommodate EVs,”the NRDC wrote. Driving the point house:”That has to do with 100th

of1 percent.”However, the NRDC warns versus complacency. In a future where there are double the number of electric vehicles on the roadway as there are today, the grid may experience concerns if there’s no planning to resolve for the additional load.In the meantime, pricing electrical energy to encourage off-peak charging is a fantastic method for energies to pack balance the system on the demand side without the need to right away purchase capital investment.”We now understand in theory and in practice that these rates are more effective than traditional residential rates at incentivizing charging when its most advantageous to the whole electric system,”states the NRDC. _______________________________________ Take United States With You!News In Your Inbox Green Car Reports Topics More from High Equipment Media Ends up snow can conquer a Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6< a href= >