President Trump Ends 2017 By Taking A Dumb Chance At Climate Change Science

The story of the federal government\’s relationship with science evokes the fiery opening scene of Apocalypse Now, total with the ominous soundtrack.When Christmas turned

up, much to everyone\’s palpable relief, everyone assumed the Alternative Fact-touting President of the United States would offer everyone a break and leave science alone for a while.Not so: on December 29, during an especially cold day in parts of the Land of the Free, Trump let loose on Twitter.

-Throughout the world, scientists facepalmed themselves so hard they almost offered themselves concussions.It\’s hard to know where to focus with this final flurry of weapons-grade rubbish, so in the meantime, we\’ll overlook the fallacious recommendation to the \”expense\” of the Paris arrangement and we\’ll focus this time on the science alone.Yes, it\’s quite cold in America right now. This is not uncommon, since of something called winter that shows up around this time of year and makes things significantly and naturally chilly. Fair enough, though, the mercury has actually plunged in parts to ludicrous lows– and, as reported by one outlet, an animal canine in Ohio was found< a href = > frozen strong.-A piece over at Mashable eloquently explains that the jet stream across the Arctic has actually changed shape in recent days. This is triggering incredibly cold air to make its way across much of Canada and the US, which explains why parts of both are experiencing record-breaking chills ideal now.This brand-new setup of the jet stream is most likely to last for a number of more days, which suggests that below-freezing temperature levels are to be expected through into the New Year. Here\’s the thing, though: this is a weather phenomenon. It isn\’t really agent of the climate.

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