The 10 Many Appealing New Black-Owned Small Businesses of 2017

2017 was a banner year for black entrepreneurship. Black females are the HOPE WISEMAN IS THE YOUNGEST BLACK DISPENSARY OWNER IN THE U.S.A

At the age of 25, SHE STARTED A PR AGENCY WITH DEFINITELY NO CONTACTS … AND SHE PERSISTED Kerstyn Dioulo is the founder of Radiance Connection, a NYC-based public relations and managementcompany. 6 years earlier, she signed singer/actor Rotimi, best known for his function as Dre on Starz’s hit show Power.(Image: iStock/FangXiaNuo ) BALTIMORE BLACK-OWNED JUICE BAR SQUEEZES ITS METHOD TO SMALL ORGANISATION SUCCESS Black Enterprise caught up with Kenny Minor, owner of Xtract Juice Bar in Baltimore, to talk about the benefits of juicing and his profession journey into entrepreneurship.(Image: Nicole K. Webb)

Black Vet Invents Innovative Animal Food Bowl After His Pet Dog Begged For Pasta

Vet Dr. Joe J. Owens pitched his product, Enjoy-A-Bowl, an innovative animal feeding system, on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. Black Enterprise factor Brandon Andrews has a FROM POSTAL EMPLOYEE TO INTERIOR DESIGNER: BALTIMORE LOCAL RE-DESIGNS HER CAREER COURSE

While some attend institution of higher learnings to study interior style, there are those like Baltimore native Ajia Monet who is a natural talent. Her imagination, design, and ability to master spatial arrangements to transform areas manage her an advantage in such a THIS BUSINESS OWNER IS INFUSING HIP-HOP INTO TEA ONE CUP AT A TIME

In June 2016, the 28-year-old college dropout-turned-entrepreneur released Trill Tea, a brand name of herbal tea that accepts hip-hop culture and highlights being real to yourself.

(Image: Chaz Greene Image courtesy of Trill Tea)

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