Official: 34 pet dogs, cats passed away in house fire near Eaton Rapids

34 canines and cats in a fire Tuesday, Jan. 2. Thursday afternoon Ingham County Animal Control Director John Dinon said three of his workplace's team member were on the scene Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. after getting a call for help from the Ingham County Sheriff's Office.Dinon. stated the bodies of 16 canines and 18 cats were recovered from the house. "By the time we got there most, if not all of the live animals had been dispersed,"he

said.Homeowner Tammy Venzke ran" TJ's Rescued Angels"from the home. Vicky Marines, an employee who worked at the at home rescue, stated 12 canines and 4 felines endured, and have been placed with individuals Venzke knows.Marines, who resides in Lansing, stated she's worked part-time with Venzke at her animal rescue for 7 years.Venzke has run the rescue from her home in the 5600 block of Kinneville Road for 13 years, Militaries stated, taking in animals in threat of being euthanized at area shelters or whose owners could not look after them.Over the years Marines stated Venzke has actually discovered houses

for countless animals.Firefighters from the Onondaga Area and Leslie and Eaton Rapids fire departments all reacted to the fire. Fire authorities could not be grabbed comment.Laura DeLong, a buddy of Venzke who established an online fundraising account

to help her Wednesday, stated Venzke discovered your home on fire Tuesday when she got home at 7 p.m.Venzke left the property at around 1:30 p.m. that day, DeLong said.DeLong stated a plumbing professional had been at Venzke's house trying to thaw frozen pipes in the home's crawl space on Tuesday.Venzke decreased requests made through DeLong to speak with the State Journal Thursday.DeLong said Venzke, who works as an auditor and rents area in a structure she owns in downtown Eaton Rapids, committed her life to rescuing animals and taking care of them at her house." She's simply made her life about looking after and safeguarding these animals,"DeLong stated. She said Venzke also saw her canines throughout household vacations.As of Thursday afternoon, DeLong's fundraising efforts had actually raised over$1,300, with contributions from almost 20 people.Laurie Griffith, a pal of Venzke, said she's

caring for five of the dogs who survived the fire. All them are in excellent condition, she said.Griffith said she's never witnessed a rescue pet dog at Venzke's residential or commercial property who wasn't well looked after."All the pet dogs are well-fed, social and pleased,"she stated."They're clean. If they had been raised in filth there would be a hint of that on them." Militaries stated she didn't know how many animals were being looked after in Venzke's house at the time of the fire, but that the animals at the rescue were cared for, pleased and healthy." There were a lot of animals but everyone was healthy, delighted and dealing with their own concerns,"she said."Animal control has been at your house before. We have absolutely nothing to hide.

That's why the rescue was still going. "Dinon stated his office has attempted to call Venzke concerning her want the remains of the animals who died in the fire.He said his workplace has no strategies to pursue animal abuse or neglect charges against Venzke"

but we're still checking out the circumstance. "His department reacted to her house in "2013 or 2014 "after a grievance was made concerning the number of animals being housed there, he said.Dinon said that see didn't result in any charges against Venzke, however his workplace issued" unlicensed canine" citations to Venzke, although he could not remember the number of were issued.Contact Reporter Rachel Greco at( 517 )528-2075 or [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @GrecoatLSJ. © 2018 Lansing State Journal