iPhone X OLED burn-in test puts Galaxy Note 8 to pity

Korean site Cetizen recently performed an extreme burn-in test with the iPhone X, comparing Apple’s most current and biggest iPhone design to the performance of both the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. The test included subjecting all three smart device models (which feature OLED screens, which are especially susceptible to burn-in) to 510 hours of showing a static image at full brightness. Apple’s handset blew both of Samsung’s designs away.OLED displays are terrific

, however just like all fantastic things, there’s a disadvantage. That drawback, in this case, is a propensity for burn-in, which is the appearance of a ‘ghost image’ that persists on the screen even when that graphic component isn’t really active in the system. Any fixed image can result in burn-in if left on the display screen too long; it’s a problem that January 3, 2018 On the opposite end of that spectrum– that is to state, the losing gadget– was Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, which demonstrated serious burn-in at the 510-hour mark, so

much so that you can quickly construct the fixed image (and its colors) that was utilized throughout the test. The Galaxy S7 Edge wasn’t so seriously impacted, though it didn’t hold up in addition to the iPhone X.Cetizen provides numerous close-up images of the 3 display screens post-test here.

SOURCE: Twitter