Leaders in Artificial Intelligence Coming to AccelerateAB 2018

EDMONTON, Alberta--(

first keynote speaker, provided by Edmonton Economic Development is Scott Penberthy, Director, Applied A.I. at Google.

"Our mission [in Applied AI] is to put the most innovative machine finding out innovation to work for our customers. I'm thrilled to share a few of our insights and gain from discussions with organisation leaders in Alberta," states Penberthy.

Penberthy's keynote is titled 'The Rise of Software 2.0'. "In this talk we'll double click on 'deep knowing' and describe it as a basic shift in how computer systems design the world, and how software application is written and released for business worth. This 'Software 2.0' stack powers a lot of Google's essential choices, a big digital company growing at double digit rates. This stack is the secret sauce enhancing digital marketing, consumer care, making operations, medical diagnosis and more. You'll finally comprehend where the name 'TensorFlow' come from, and why it's one of the most amazing advancements in years. The time to start using this stack for company is now. We'll show you a couple of ways to get started, too," guarantees Penberthy.

"Alberta is home to some of the world's leading thinking, research, and startups around A.I.," says Cynthia van Sundert, Executive Director of The A100. "We are excited to explore this innovative sector and continue our history of combining high-calibre speakers with regional success stories."

Of note is the update to the popular Roundtables area of the conference. Now called 'Start-up Advising Sessions', the format has been upgraded to much better fit the existing tech community and mentorship requirements of Alberta's start-ups. The sessions are an opportunity for business that have shown traction to connect with experienced business owners who have existed, done that. Startups picked for the sessions will get high quality advice from individuals who have actually constructed, scaled, and exited technology startups themselves. Applications for the Startup Advising Sessions open January 15th, 2018.

AccelerateAB will start with the Startup Advising Sessions on April 23rd, 2018. The primary conference takes place the next day - Tuesday April 24th, 2018 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton. Tickets go on sale on January 15th, 2018 and will be readily available for purchase on the AccelerateAB site.

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www.AccelerateAB.com. About AccelerateAB: AccelerateAB is the province's annual flagship technology event that combines key leaders, financiers, influencers and fans of Alberta's fast-growing startup community, with the goal of leveraging the success of the next generation of technology business owners throughout the province. Backed by some of the most prominent and successful leaders in the market and spearheaded by The A100, AccelerateAB is among the best linked events in the province.

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