‘Like rounding up cats’: Internet beats up on ex-Trump assistant Sam Nunberg for appearing inebriateded throughout interview

Though former Donald Trump project assistant Sam Nunberg made some brash confessions during his Friday night interview with MSNBC's Delight Ann Reid, it was his unusual behavior that got Twitter talking.Throughout the interview

, Nunberg disrupted the host repeatedly, making off-handed comments"informing"her audience that she 'd check out Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White Home. To some, that appeared to be proof that he was inebriated.

"Holy Crap,"one user tweeted," the number of shots did Sam Nunberg have before he went on All In tonight? "Another claimed Nunberg was" absolutely intoxicated," which the host was"so undoubtedly pissed her guest is loaded!" He simply called Trump a fool and Delight is so obviously pissed her visitor

is loaded!Even the host noted that Nunberg appeared to be in "an intriguing state of mind"during their interview.Emmy to @JoyAnnReid for her shipment of the line"Sam Nunberg, who was in an ... fascinating mood tonight ..."Have a look at the finest responses below.He was on MSNBC earlier ... shady as constantly, however lucid. Dumb to get lit prior to a prime time appearance.Hopefully Sam Nunberg has a designated motorist, he will not be able to

reach the steering wheel with his foot lodged in his mouth! #inners I think that Sam Nunberg is either intoxicated or stoned ... how could the producers let him on tv? ... he is talking so loud and laughing wrongly ... @JoyAnnReid is attempting to rein him in ... weird.

@JoyAnnReid Excellent program tonight however I have one concern ... Do you believe Sam Nunberg had possibly had a couple of with supper? Compared to his interview previously today ... He was ... let's state various!!! Was Sam Nunberg intoxicated when @JoyAnnReid interviewed him ?? Sure soundedlike it. Enjoy your 15 minutes, Sam.When she inquired about Trump being impaired, I was hoping she would ask Nunberg if HE was impaired!Was Sam Nunberg drunk? Sure seemed to be Sam Nunberg has actually made my case why I NEVER perform any organisation after having one beverage. #inners #inners Ok. We survived another week. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gon na

open the vodka and attempt and do my finest Sam Nunberg impersonation."Sam Nunberg "I wouldn't be amazed if he's gotten

a subpoena from mueller and been consuming all evening.That eye-murdering glimpse Delight Reid made to Sam Nunberg reminded me of the look my momz gave me before she soften my jaw bone with her left hook. pic.twitter.com/ldNP6TIaaH!.?.!MSNBC host Pleasure Ann Reid(left )and formerTrump campaign aide Sam Nunberg(

best). Images via screengrab.