See Nicole Lewis From ‘My 600-Lb Life’ Now After Weight-loss Surgical Treatment

Nicole lewis my 600 lb

< img src=",top&fit=crop&h=421&q=55&w=750"alt="Nicole lewis my 600 pound"> You go, girl! My 600-lb Life on TLC has actuallydocumented some of the most significant weight loss improvements we’ve ever seen. And mother-of-two Nicole Lewis is among them.While being raised by drug-addicted parents, Nicole’s only convenience maturing was food, which led her, at simply 23 years old, to tip the scales at over 700 pounds.”Even as a toddler, I remember food was exactly what made me delighted,”she stated on her episode of the show.” When I was bit, me and my mama never ever really got along, because she had a really bad temper, and would take off on me for things that I just didn’t comprehend. When that took place, I would constantly go to the garage, due to the fact that my daddy would be out there dealing with something. I would just sit with him, and he would give me a snack. And that was security. ” When Nicole was at her heaviest, she was forced to bathe outside because she couldn’t fit in her restroom. (Photo Credit: TLC)

By the time she reached her early teens, Nicole weighed over 200 pounds, and when her parents’ drug dependency got worse, her weight increased quickly. “My dad began using cocaine on the roadway, and he brought it the home of my mother, so they both got addicted, and things got a lot more violent in my house after that,” she said. “And when my parents were doing the drugs, I would get so mad I would shout and yelp at them, and they ‘d just neglect me, and I ‘d go and lay on my bed and just eat and sob for hours till I dropped off to sleep. Food was a convenience to me due to the fact that when I would eat something and get full, I would feel comfy and safe. I felt protected. And so I just didn’t stop eating.”

Nowadays, things are searching for Nicole. She’s looking after her two kids with her fiancé Charlie, and actively updates fans on her Facebook page. “We’re all getting along truly well,” she said in a recent Facebook Cope with her family. “And I’m simply attempting to go out and delight in life and be an excellent mommy for my children.”

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