The best ways to understand if you have Aussie flu

Aussie flu is sweeping the UK – and Hull is a hotspot.The illness has actually left numerous individuals bedridden and sensation unwell.But how do you understand if you have Aussie influenza or just a cold?Unfortunately, one obvious sign is the length of your health problem- as the H3N2 stress of influenza can leave you feeling ill for weeks.Here’s some of the signs you may have contracted the infection, and what you need to do to obtain better.The symptoms and signs You’ll seem like you’ve been hit by a bus< figure data-mod =image itemprop= image itemscope=itemscope itemtype= > Aussie flu does have some tell-tale indications If you have Aussie influenza, you are not likely to be able to obtain out of bed. The virus causes extreme tiredness and severe body aches which may imply you find it difficult to get up and on.It’ll seem like the worst cold you have actually ever had From a suddenhigh temperature (over 38C) to a running nose, pounding head and persistent

cough, it will feel much worse than a cold. Read More If you have a cold, you might feel

a bit rough but you can typically get on with your life as normal.If you have flu, usually, you’re not

going anywhere.You might have an upset stomach One unpleasant aspect of Aussie flu is that, for lots of, it may likewise cause throwing up and diarrhoea.This is one proven way to compare the flu and a cold.And it will all last much longer than you can bear Maybe the worst part of struggling with Aussie influenza is the duration of the symptoms.If you do get it, you are likely to be feeling ill for a minimum of a week or two.Read More Even when the worst is over, you might not feel 100 percent for even longer.