Interview: AI poker master states artificial intelligence makes humans much better

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by Xinhua writers Ye Zaiqi, Wu Xiaoling SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13 (Xinhua)– Expert system (AI) will not pose a risk to human tasks; rather, it makes human beings much better, said a designer of an AI robotic that beat some of the world’s finest poker players.

Tuomas Sandholm, who is also a professor of computer technology with the United States Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), stated a great deal of applications involving AI have close links with the life of normal people. He made the remarks in an interview with Xinhua on the sidelines of a session of the 2018 CONNECT conference here this weekend, a forum concentrated on academic exchanges on AI science in between Chinese and U.S. business, startups and young talents.

AI innovation, widely utilized in company, cyber security and even medication, is really hot at present, it still faces many difficulties, some of them fully grown and some less mature, Sandholm kept in mind. “Clearly, the mature ones are what we view as machine learning, especially deep knowing that is really hot,” he said.

“Strategic thinking is in a quite various state. It’s a lot more nascent and you do not see a great deal of applications for that yet,” he said, adding that it is much of a development location, which will grow for lots of years.

Speaking of the balance in between decision-making by AI and by people, Sandholm stated humans believe in themselves quite. He pointed out the example of Libratus, an AI computer program designed and created by himself and his team to play card game poker. Find out more from …

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