Google Image Search Does Not Index Images From CSS

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Google Image Search Does Not Index Images From CSS

Jan 12, 2018 -| (0 )by Google Browse Engine Optimization Prev Story Next Story Google’s John Mueller stated this early morning in a webmaster hangout at the 20:55 mark that Google Image search does not index and rank images from CSS background code. He said if you desire your images to rank in Google Image search then you best use normal image tag with the source characteristic pointing at the image.

Which image positioning is better utilizing the image tag or utilizing CSS type of background image?So from our viewpoint for image search we would use the image tag with the source quality pointing at the image.

And as far as I understand we do not use CSS images at all for image search.So for regular web search it does not matter, you can use whatever works finest for you. If you wish to have actually these images indexed in image search then I would definitely utilize a regular image tag for that.The pulse of the search neighborhood

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