Guy uses drone to provide a big bear the present of flight

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‘s an aircraft, it’s a huge flying … bear?Hunter Clearly( @Cyranek_ ) discovered the very best way to use his brand-new DJI Mavic Pro drone by flying a luxurious bear (called the This highly-rated electronic camera drone is presently on sale for $30 off

“I got curious regarding what does it cost? weight the drone could carry. Googled and discovered out it could lift two pounds,” said the 19 year old to Mashable. “Me and my roomies were browsing for something to raise, saw the bear. We weighed the bear and discovered it was an ideal two pounds.”

And up the bear went.

Of course, that small-headed bear elicited some lovely choice reactions from a confused internet.The tweet already has over 2,000 retweets and 6,000 likes. Although the bear didn’t remain in the air for too long, it was still a terrific experiment for Clearly.” My task is to make material for the internet so

I was hoping it would get shared around,”said Clearly. “I have actually never seen any of my posts blow up this fast though. Certainly made my day getting up in the early morning to 1000 +alerts. “He’s still interested in trying other weird objects and

scaring the hell out his community. SEE: Never lose your pet again with the aid of this tracker

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