The dubious side of Kim Zolciak-Biermann

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Getty Images While the women who star in the Genuine Housewives franchise live apparently extravagant lifestyles, Zolciak-Biermann has faced a lot of legal drama for allegedlynot paying her bills.According to TMZ, when she and her household overstayed their welcome in a home they were leasing, the property owner fined Zolciak-Biermann $600 for each day she and her family presumably crouched in the house. Wifey at first denied that her lease had ended, but later came clean to the tab, promising to pay the fine in a swelling amount when she finally vacated.

In December 2017, she made headlines when again over an unsettled costs returning Christmas 2016. Back then, Zolciak-Biermann supposedly hired a company to put countless dollars worth of seasonal decor on her a Georgia court that Kim was unjustly blocking them from visiting her children.” Her papa, Joe, told TMZ his daughter is a “pathological phony “who is”trying to make a mockery”of their household.”She has been married twice and has three different dads of her 4 kids. Let’s face the facts,” he said.Zolciak-Biermann didn’t buckle. She apparently submitted court files of her own, alleging her parents were dreadful people. How’s that for a family feud?According to Heavy, a whole lot of absolutely nothing came out of the claims, and the grandparents”have still notsatisfy a few of their grandchildren. “We want her family the finest, but maybe it’s time for someone to be the larger person and make amends.That notorious Porta-Potty occurrence< source media="( max-width : 330px) “srcset= > Getty Images During her wedding unique, Zolciak-Biermann became agitated when her mom, Karen, asked to obtain a pair of shoes prior to the wedding. Oh, the nerve! That was nothing. During the wedding party, the poo actually hit the fan.It all came from

an occurrence involving a portable toilet. Yes, you check out that right. The mother of the bride-to-be and the bride in fact entered a tiff over the bride supposedly requiring her mom and her aunt to utilize rented centers in the yard instead of the restroom inside the home. You see, Zolciak-Biermann had reportedly rented the portable commodes for her wedding and prohibited all guests from utilizing the indoor plumbing– even her own mother.When Karen and stated auntie decided to sneak into your house and use the restroom anyhow, the groom confronted them. That’s when the bathroom rebels supposedly screamed, “F ** k you!”The bride then had her mother and aunt accompanied out of the home by security guards. Lovely.Did she dupe a co-star who assisted introduce her profession? Getty Images Fellow RHOA cast member Kandi Burruss, who has a professional singing background as a member of the since-revived ’90s group XSCAPE, worked some studio magic to assist Zolciak-Biermann develop a danceable dance track called “. “But I have nothing to conceal, and also I have absolutely nothing to show! “We’ll simply need to take her word for it.She states she’ll never forgive her mother< source media= "(max-width: 330px)"

srcset = > Getty Images On an episode of Do not Be Tardy(via Individuals), Zolciak-Biermann exposes that the relationship with her mother is broken beyond repair.”

My children, I will always remain in their life ,”she states.”However my mama? I will not let her back into my life, let’s just be clear. “People reported that Karen going shopping a tell-all book and demanding visitation rights with her grandchildren has actually continued to fuel the stress in between mother and child.”

My mama and I have actually constantly butted heads,” stated Zolciak-Biermann.”She’s type of tormented me for several years.”Karen supposedly extended an olive branch by texting Zolciak-Biermann when her boy, Kash, was bitten by the

household’s pet dog, but the RHOA star was not satisfied.” My mom knows where I live. [She] could have sent out a card.”Even though Zolciak-Biermann’s child, Brielle, has revealed interest in hanging out with her grandparents, the reality star has actually said,”I would never call my mommy back in a million years …”And now, for a moment of redemption Getty Images With video cameras shooting her every move and the wonderful powers of modifying at play, it’s not a surprise there’s plenty of shade overshadowing Zolciak-Biermann’s reputation. The truth star appears to be focused on repairing her image by offering back to those in requirement. In September 2017, she introduced a GoFundMe page for a man named Junior– somebody her family befriended during a trip to Turks and Caicos. Junior’s house was apparently destroyed by Hurricane Irma, and Zolciak-Biermann wants to help him restore by asking fans to contribute $75,000. Four months into the campaign

, approximately 200 people had actually donated about $ 6,000 to the cause, so that’s a start.


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