Josh Esmond weighing 150kg exposes his weight-loss journey

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A father has exposed his astonishing change after he drastically shed almost half his body weight.

Josh Esmond, from Queensland’s Mackay, lived off an unhealthy diet plan where he was eating takeaway foods – a lifestyle that saw him tip the scales at 150 kilograms.At his heaviest, the father-of-two was battling stress and anxiety and.But he chose to turn his life around for great after his 10-year-old kid feared he would pass away from his unhealthy weight.Now sporting a sculptured body at a trim 88 kilograms

, Mr Esmond has exposed why he dropped his dad bod for a really specified torso.Scroll down for video Queensland dad Josh Esmond who weighed an incredible 150kg has actually switched his papa bod(right)for a sculptured body(left and centre )at a trim 88kg Now sporting a sculptured physique at a trim 88 kgs, Mr Esmond has actually exposed why he dumped his daddy bod for an extremely specified upper body’

It actually struck hard. It was frightening originating from my 10-year-old, ‘Mr Esmond told Daybreak.’It terrified him, which afraid me that he was stressed he was going to lose me and I knew I had to do something.’

For the previous 12 months, the man – who works as a fire technician – spent more than 500 hours working out at his local gym.His gruelling physical fitness regime included bodybuilding and powerlifting.The Queensland guy

has actually revealed why he ditched his father body for a really specified upper body The father-of-two stated he chose

to turn his life around for great after his 10-year-old boy feared he would pass away from his unhealthy weight Before and after: He now leads a much healthier lifestyle, staying with a’well-controlled ‘low calorie diet and training up to six times a week at the health club’A great deal of hard work, consistency and remaining stringent with my diet and my training was

the primary ones, ‘he stated.’I was pushing myself to see what limitations I might actually break.’ Throughout his extraordinary two-year weight lose journey, Mr Esmond likewise started a complete diet overhaul after living off unhealthy foods.’I was consuming takeaway. I could consume 24 chicken nuggets in one sitting and half-an-hour later on be starving again.

I didn’t consume salad or veggies, I ‘d eat deep fried anything with chips,’he told the Mackay Daily Mercury. He now leads a much healthier lifestyle, adhering to a’well-controlled’low calorie diet plan and training as much as 6 times a week at

the gym.

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