Video: Global hospitality technology patterns in discussion with Expedia

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Video: Global hospitality technology trends in discussion with Expedia

The annual Expedia Partner Conference offers a view into the present patterns powering one of travel’s largest and most visible business. United States media types have become a component at the occasion, something that wasn’t constantly the case. It’s unusual for companies to provide such honest access to executives and complete access to the programming directed towards a company’s essential consumers. As part of this moving occasion, the business invited a journalist from each location to discuss the most visible trends in the region.As Editorial Director of tnooz, I was welcomed to provide my point of views on North America. Other journalists interviewed consisting of Lee Hayhurst from Travolution, Siew Hoon Yeoh from Web in Travel, and Paul Lara from Excélsior.The final item has just been launched on YouTube, and thankfully I seem like I know what I’m discussing! Phew, that’s always a relief. Or, if in reality, you believe I do unknown exactly what I’m speaking about, please leave your counterpoint in the remarks listed below. The back-and-forth on patterns affecting travel and hospitality is among the most important conversations any of us can have. As resources are prioritized, a thorough and accurate understanding of the near-term opportunities is required to be most efficient with the minimal resources we all have.North America: Nick Vivion from tnooz Asia: Siew Hoon Yeoh from Web in Travel(

2 parts)Europe/UK: Lee Hayhurst from Travolution Latin America: Paul Lara from Excélsior Nick is the Editorial Director for tnooz, where he supervises the editorial and industrial content in addition to emerging companies like

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