of Abraham Lincoln


Imgur Tom Cruise has one tooth in the center of his face. There’s even memes about ‘Tom Cruise Middle Tooth National Awareness Day’.

Pinterest Scarlett Johansson is a twin.Vin Diesel

is a twin too. Likewise, his real name isn’t really Vin Diesel, it’s Mark Sinclair.

Pinterest Denzel Washington broke his pinky finger as a kid and never ever had it fixed.Woody Harrelson’s daddy was an assassin. GIF Elvis Presley was a natural blonde. He began dying it his signature black color as a teenager.Sylvester Stallone’s very first movie was a porno called’The Celebration at Cat and Stud’s“. Before Christopher Walken was a star, he was a lion tamer. He was with a traveling circus, and carried out with a lioness named Sheba

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