Celebrity Big Bro: Drag queen Courtney Act crowned winner

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Drag queen Courtney Act has been crowned winner of Star Big Brother.The RuPaul’s

Drag Race star was the substantial favourite entering into the final and beat competing Ann Widdecombe into 2nd place.Courtney -real name Shane Janek – said it was “slightly ironic “she had actually won the” Year of the Lady” themed series.During her time

in your home, she’s been applauded for the way she’s talked about gender and sexuality.

End of Twitter post by @bbuk At the start of the live last, Courtney was up versus Ann Widdecombe, Jess Impiazzi, Wayne Sleep and Shane Lynch.

‘It’s ok to be different’

It boiled down to a vote between her and former Conservative MP Ann – with Courtney looking really shocked at being named the winner.

“I have no idea exactly what this indicates, is this reality?” she asked host Emma Wills.Image copyright Getty Images She then revealed just how much itimplied, stating it was”

fantastic that the general public has actually elected me.”” My motivation coming into your house was that teenage young boy who

didn’t quite know where he belonged or how he fitted in and sensation motivated by the Spice Ladies -and not understanding what that meant however understanding if it was okay for them to be different then it was okay for me to be various.” I guess it’s recognition that it’s okay to be various.”< div role =region aria-label="Twitter post by @courtneyact" > End of Twitter post by @courtneyact End of Twitter post by @LittleMix

Courtney has actually especially been commemorated

for her approach to fellow participant India Willoughby, who is transgender, and admitted having a “phobia about drag queens”. Speaking to fellow housemates, Courtney acknowledged why India

may feel that way.” I believe the important things she fought with is that individuals might see me and see her

and believe that we are the same thing.”She ‘d never identified as a drag queen. Drag is more performance-based, hers is about gender identity. She was never a guy however she had a male body.” End of Twitter post by @austinarmacost

Second-placed Ann Widdecombe was likewise rather puzzled by the outcome.”I am completely bemused. Apparently, I’m the runner-up in Celebrity Big Bro. Do you know how numerous times I’ve turned this programme down?”Image copyright Stuart C. Wilson Ann’s dealt with criticism for speaking freely about protestinggay marital relationship-which didn’t go down well with Courtney.During her time as an MP, the 70-year-old

voted against every pro-LGBT legislation.And speaking to Emma Willis, she said she wouldn’t be changing her views.”Look, you do not reason yourself to a position over a long number of years and then unexpectedly in the course of a few conversations decide ‘oh dear I got that wrong’. “Exactly what I’m happy about coming 2nd is it’s a recommendation of complimentary speech. “Whether individuals concurred with me or not isn’t the point. I exercised my flexibility to state exactly what is unfashionable.”Image copyright Getty Images With the major

problems out of the method, Courtney also discussed her bromance with fellow

housemate, Andrew Brady.Asked what does it cost? of a crush she had on him, Courtney replied:”As much as he wants.” Praising Andrew for his attitude, she said:”He’s so comfy with everybody and everything

.”If more straight men were more like him, the world would be a better location.”Listen to Newsbeat live at 12:45 and 17:45 every weekday on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra-if you miss us you can listen back here

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