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Cost Effective Kitchen Remodel – $3500 Budget Makeover

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This kitchen looked respectable! It was cute and has beauty– however it had hidden issues that were driving its owner batty. Let’s see how far $3,500 entered refreshing this sweet space.

Prior to we look upon the new kitchen area, here’s how reader Alisha described the old one:

The cooking area in our townhouse was appropriate when we relocated 2+ years earlier, however every day it grew more worn out. The cabinet paint plan and hardware was dated and inexpensive, the dishwashing machine leaked periodically, the variety was on its last legs, only 25% of the under cabinet lights were functional, the tile was badly installed, and so on. In general the kitchen design was excellent however it required a facelift. We didn’t have the cash for a significant kitchen restoration, but we made our little spending plan really work for us.

Those subtle flaws can make it so hard to bite the bullet on a renovation (supplied it’s a choice financially, obviously). When whatever almost works, or is mostly all right, it’s easy to drag one’s heels. After 2 years, I can absolutely understand being finally fed up.

(Image credit: Alisha Norman)

The results look extremely approachable! The cabinets are the exact same, but they have actually been refreshed with paint and new pulls. The brand-new backsplash is bright and tidy instead of busy, and it stimulates painted bricks instead of the more ubiquitous train tile. Now that the backsplash is more aesthetically simple, the new veined countertop includes texture and depth. Overall, the freshly operating under-cabinet lights illuminate the entire area and include a practical along with visual worth.

(Image credit: Alisha Norman)

Here’s the new stove, range hood, and dishwasher. They all look excellent, and the brand-new stainless steel theme really unifies the room. Here’s how Alisha feels about it:

I enjoy how light and brilliant the kitchen area is now. Requirement white train tile may appear exaggerated, but the price was ideal and it really shines. The only thing I would have done in a different way is to have had the tile set up in a more distinct pattern (herringbone or other), however the labor boost ran out spending plan. Overall we enjoy the last item and the last cost!

Feeling great about the final cost tag is one of the great unrecognized objectives of a renovation. Congrats!

Here’s the kitchen area nook before its refresh. Alisha has graciously provided us with the itemized budget. Let’s see what was invested!

We began with pricing estimate the countertop and went from there. We struck the House Depot Fourth of July sale and scored big savings on our devices. By doing the backsplash demo and all painting and patching ourselves we conserved a lot. Our first professional bailed on finishing our backsplash after the removal process was not as smooth as prepared for, however we found another person who was even much better to finish the task.

$75 Paint for Cabinets
$40 Hinges
$24 Drawer Pulls x 7
$40 Cabinet Pulls x 14
$8 Knob Aligner
$13 Wood Filler
$90 Under Cabinet Lights
$30 Over Island Recessed Lights
$785 Counter (Set Up)
$1,345 Labor
$66 Backsplash Tile
$199 Sink
$78 Variety Hood
$298 Dishwasher
$418 Oven

Thanks, Alisha! It’s interesting to see what each item expense– and how rapidly it accumulates.

Here’s Alisha’s recommendations, which should be cross-stitched in every home thinking about a restoration: constantly budget a contingency.

Cost and strategy everything ahead of time so there are minimal surprises – and if you’re on a strict budget integrate in some contingency! We did not expect needing to pay to have new outlets put in for our disposal, dishwasher and range, however the contingency covered it (and now we depend on code!).



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