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Where to go and the best ways to take images: your complete guide to the WA very blue blood moon

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Prepare to have a truly terrestrial experience on Wednesday night.A very blood

blue moon will occur beginning with 7.48 pm on January 31, 2018, and Western Australia will have one of the best vantage points for viewing on the planet.

Full red moon with reflection closeup showing the details of the lunar surface.
Full red moon with reflection closeup revealing the details of the lunar surface. Photo: Stanimir G.Stoev.

A blue moon is when 2 full moons occur in the same calendar month, and a blood moon is when a lunar eclipse happens as the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow.Combined with the

popular supermoon phenomenon, it’s rather rare these occasions all take place at the exact same time and the Observatory has invited Perth skygazers to the Yokine Reserve for an up-close view of the celestial event.Known as the “lunar trifecta “, it’s set to be a hell of a program-

the supermoon will make the moon appear 30 per cent bigger, the blood moon will give it a red tint and the blue moon phenomenon means it will be totally full.It will take five hours from start to end up, and here’s how it’ll go down on Wednesday.Super blood blue moon phases for Western Australia 7.10 pm: Moon increases in the east.7.48 pm: Partial eclipse starts– enjoy as Earth’s shadow begins to cross the lunar surface. You will now receive updates from News Update Newsletter News Update Newsletter Get the newest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.By submitting your e-mail you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and personal privacy policy. 8.51 pm: Overall eclipse starts– see how

reddish coloured the Moon

ends up being.9.30 pm: Greatest eclipse-likewise known as a mid eclipse.10.08 pm: Total

eclipses ends.11.12 pm: Partial eclipse ends.Where to get the very best view in Perth and local WA If you’re not able to make it to the Observatory occasion, there are a variety of places

around Perth and WA where locals can get a good view of the action.The top of Reabold Hill at Bold Park in Floreat, Perth’s highest inner metropolitan peak The DNA tower at the highest

point of Kings Park for undisturbed panoramas-the climb is a bonus exercise Monolith Hill lookout, the greatest part of Buckland Hill in Mosman Park with sweeping views to the east Yokine Hill, 83m above water level and one of Perth’s highest peaks Lesmurdie Falls National forest, on the cliff east/south-east of Perth Frenchman Bay in King George Sound, along the eastern coast of
the Torndirrup Peninsula Peaceful Bay beach, a curving 600m-long, east-facing beach near Walpole Salmon Holes, Albany Two Peoples
Bay, Albany The best ways to take the best lunar photos With any lunar occasion, people wish to split out their cameras.Whether you have a complete camera unit

  • or simply a smartphone, there’s a lot
  • things to think about when shooting during the night- let alone an once in a lifetime lunar event
  • . Whether you’re checking out ways to photo the moon, its details, or how to catch the minute on your Android phone(best of luck), we hope these resources assist.-With Hannah Barry
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