Adding Captions to Images in Google Photos

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Including Captions to Images in Google Photos

A. You can add an individual caption to private images in the Google Photos album by tapping the thumbnail of each image to open it to the full-screen view. When the image expands, tap the Info button at the bottom; the icon appears like an “i” in a little circle.When you are on the

picture’s Info screen, you ought to see an “Include a description “line at the top. Tap it to key in your caption details. Tap the Back button when you’re done.You– and others

looking at the album online– can see the caption by going to the Information screen, but the information is not embedded in the image file and does not take a trip along if you share a copy of the image by e-mail. You will not see the” Add a description “field on pictures that are stored locally on your Android gadget and have not been published to a Google Photos album.Continue reading the main story Image To add a caption to an image in an online Google Photos album from an Android gadget

, open the image, tap the Info button and enter your text in the” Add a description”field.Credit The New York City Times A picture’s Info screen also displays other information about the file, like the time and location it was taken, where it is

kept in your area and the exposure, lens and electronic camera type utilized to take it. If you have the location services include enabled on your gadget, you’ll see the geographic coordinates and a map revealing where the image was taken. You can include descriptions to photos in an online album the same way using a web internet browser– just select an image and struck the Details button.

The captions you include will appear in small type at the bottom of the photo as you click through a desktop slide show.Personal Tech welcomes concerns about computer-based technology to [email protected]!.?.!. This column will answer concerns of basic interest, but letters can not be addressed individually.Continue checking out the primary story


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