An Italian village is selling houses for $1.25 so it does not become a ghost town, Business Insider

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Ollolai, Sardinia, Italy.

caption Ollolai
  • , Sardinia, Italy.source Michele Columbu The Italian town of Ollolai is selling 200 homes for EUR1 ($1.25) in an effort to draw brand-new locals. The village’s population has declined substantially in the last 50 years.New owners
  • must remodel the homes within 3 years, which will cost approximately $25,000.
  • Ollolai’s mayor hopes that the strategy will help preserve the town’s customs.

On the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, the old village of Ollolai is at danger of turning into a ghost town.

Over the past half-century, houses for so little. As Service Expert formerly reported, the Sicilian town of Gangi began offering uninhabited homes for EUR1 in 2015. Gangi and Ollolai shared the same condition: Owners required to present prepare for restoration within the first year, and repair up their homes within three.Some US cities have actually attempted comparable strategies to bring in brand-new residents. Villages like Gary, Indiana and bigger cities like Indianapolis, Indiana and Detroit, Michigan, have noted certain houses for $1 and even for free.It’s unclear if the method will work in Ollolai, but Arbau is optimistic.

“Pride in our past is our strength,” he said. “We have actually constantly been tough people and will not permit our town to pass away.”


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