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Preparation for Your Wedding– Genuine Important Concerns– Jeff + Amber Location Wedding Event Professional Photographers

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January 3, 2017

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For many of our customers this is the first and ideally only time to walk down the island and exchange swears to seal their love permanently for ever and ever. So naturally that features a lots of concerns in preparation for your wedding event day. Recently a years plus later into being an expert wedding event photographer I have actually understood these brides and grooms require more info! There is so much, a lot that goes into each wedding event, so much preparation, many options. They need help! We get asked the questions the bridal magazines tell you to ask, and they make us laugh. Really since chatting about our equipment will get you know where as the majority of couples have no clue nor do they have to understand what we shoot with, and so on. Jeff and I have actually always been extremely excited and open up to help and do exactly what we can for our customers leading up to their special day. Let’s be sincere, if you have a bad day then we have a bad day so together we’re going to make it a fantastic day!I’ve gone through some recent call, texts and emails with groom and brides and saved a few of my favorite concerns they’ve asked. Mainly because they simply came down to the nitty gritty incredibly duper important stuff and things that you might not think of until the week of your special day. Which might definitely worry one out, the thought of waiting that long. under the concerns you’ll see some of the responses we provide. Please note not all of these q&& A’s may not refer to your day, however we sure hope they assist!

* Keep in mind a few of these concerns might not apply to your wedding or will not even pop into your head till we get much better. Either way this post should get your brains thinking about the preparation for your wedding event day.Q.

The number of images will we wind up with after the sessions (engagement and wedding)?

A. This response differs. We do not count the images we take, nor do we strive a specific total. At our engagement sessions usually you can expect around 150– 200 images. For wedding events we normally deliver anywhere from 750– 1200 images. The amount differs based off of the time you have our team booked for or say you have a little or no bridal celebration, in this case you naturally would wind up with a hundred or two less than a couple that has a huge bridal party

Q. If we pick to do a very first look should we have our pals and family present?A. This is a

difficult one for us. In all honestly this is a truly personal decision. This moment you can’t get back. It’s the time you’ve chosen to shut the world out and have a minute with your future bride or groom, whether we are doing it to get the tears out of the method or due to the fact that it just makes sense with your timeline there are a couple of things to think about. When others are present, they take out their cameras, they might even chatter or sidetrack from the moment. Sometimes we see less of a connection in between the two actually getting married as lets face it, when extra eyeballs are around it sorta changes things. Our simple answer: keep it intimate, your family and friends get to share the rest of the day with you, take a moment to totally take this all in.Q.

Our second payment is due by the wedding event week, can we pay the day of?A. We do not mind at all if you want to hand us a credit card or inspect day of. If this makes you more comfortable to manage your deal face to face then heck ya! Let’s put that on the to do list for day of. Our easy answer: manage it the week of sometime, things get hectic and time begins to fly on your wedding event day. Why advertisement it to the list of things your brain has to hang on to when you already have a lot going on. Offer us a call and we can manage it via phone, e-mail and so on

Q. Can we provide a photo list of must hav’s for the day of, and member of the family we need portraits with?A. For my full rant on this subject see a previous short article here on how we feel As far as family pictures we constantly feel a list is best. This method you aren’t under pressure and operating on low blood glucose due to the fact that it’s time for dinner and you forget Auntie Margaret. That would be a disappointment and she would be unfortunate. Yes please send us a list of family members you would like to get photos with and we will make sure to inspect those off as we go. Another way to make this part of the day run smooth is to have a friend or relative present that knows all the faces of these great folks you ‘d like pictures with.Q.

How numerous supplier meals do we have to provide?A. Depends

on the bundle you bought, if you look under the package details you will see the number of suppliers are consisted of in your package. If you are doing simply picture with us then the number is two, if you are doing both picture and video then your head count is 4. Unless you have a personalized video which numerous of our customers do that might include drone coverage or something along those lines. In that case there will be another or perhaps 2 more.Q.

How long after my wedding event will I have to wait before I have my photos?A. Our typical turn around time is 3 weeks post wedding. Throughout peak wedding event season(Spring and Fall)times may be closer to 45 days post wedding event. As soon as we have all the images edited, we then submit them to, and you will get a link with an unique download pin and you are off!Q. Do you edit all of our photos? How comprehensive is the editing?A. We go through each and every picture we take! The only photos we get rid of is if someone blinks or there are multiple of the very same image. We do edit all images given to our customers the “modifying”we include is color correction, light tidy up of skin, a few black and whites tossed in specifically if we feel a specific image deserves it and we likewise like to do some actually creative coloring etc on specific photos. Comprehensive “editing”such as getting rid of something from an image, major changes to a body or face isn’t really consisted of. Usually this isn’t really something needed in wedding photography nevertheless if there is a particular alteration you are searching for just ask! We want all the images you get from us to be precisely what you want.Q. Will a timeline be offered my wedding event day?A. Every wedding event is various, which indicates each one deserves it’s own unique timeline for

the day and how it will stream. Prior to your wedding event we will establish an exact standard for how we will be covering your day. With you we will create a specific start time and go through all the information you have actually established with your location, hair and make up and DJ. If you are booking picture and video with us, you will receive a very in-depth summary to authorize as we want to keep an open line of interaction with our couples as to exactly what each of our staff will be covering. This way you will feel at ease understanding every inch of your day is being covered and absolutely nothing will be missed!Q. I observed it states no other professional photographers can be shooting in our agreement? Does this mean household and good friends cannot take photos on their phones etc?A. For the sake of making things circulation as easy as possible we have this mentioned in our agreement with our couples. Naturally family and friends are totally free to click away off to the side while your day unfolds. What we are really aiming to avoid from in this provision is the pal or family

member that has a great electronic camera standing next to us requesting for the group in the picture to look at their cam, and so on. This is a major interruption, decreases the procedure and takes attention off the cams everyone should be looking at. We aren’t worried about somebody improving images than us, we are concerned it will include time to an already busy schedule, and have seen lot of times over it. It also entirely frustrate folks when there is a lot of devices to look and smile at.Having a good time at your wedding and taking pleasure in each and every second is what we hope and want for our couples. These are simply a handful of concerns that show up at practically every wedding we shoot, if there are topics we didn’t cover please let us understand! We want your experience dealing with us to go as smooth as possible and intend to address any and all issues right away. Please feel totally free to connect to Jeff or myself or make an idea below in the comments.Amber Wedding Professional photographer 310-272-6343 Share

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