Boston Dynamics robots can now hold the door for its good friends

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The most gratifying YouTube upload alert I ever opted into, without exception, is for the Boston Dynamics channel. With each semi-monthly alert ping comes a video of some new manner in which the SoftBank-owned company’s robotics can either horrify or thrill the masses. Today’s upload is a mix of both because the charming version of the SpotMini– the updated dog-like quadruped wash meals in the initial video, we see the brand-new SpotMini find, acknowledge, and deftly run a door deal with, and then hold the door to let its arm-less sibling march through. It’s a more delicate operation than when the Atlas robot brutishly muscled its way through a push-bar door in 2016, which implies we might have to reevaluate our original evaluation of the new SpotMini as ” a little less frightening.” Like Physicians Grant and Sadler, we may have overstated these bad kids.

Naturally, while our a factor SoftBank bought the company from Alphabet for bad doors are all over.

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