Phony Donald Trump tweet captures out the web as Dow Jones drops by 1,000 points

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THE Dow Jones fell by more than 1,000 points sparking a host of anti-Trump sentiment on Twitter.But a great deal of the abuse was really being targeted at a totally PHONY tweet. The fake tweet which

has actually sparked a mad reaction from people thinking it to be genuine A post distributed revealing the President misspelling the index as the “Dow Joans “. It read:”If the Dow Joans ever falls more than 1,000’points ‘in a Single Day the sitting president needs to be’filled ‘into a very big cannon and Shot into the sun at TREMENDOUS SPEED! No reasons! “It was retweeted almost 30,000 times.Poster Shaun Usher, from Manchester in the UK added the caption:”There’s

* constantly * a tweet.Soon Twitter users were sharing it and getting really mad. Donald Trump(envisioned with wife Melania last night) is frequently seen extoling his success in enhancing the United States

stock exchange One said:”You cannot even spell Dow Jones you stupis ass.” Another stated:” I bet he will not even acknowledge it. “However his post that got the world so ended up was just a sophisticated prank.Shaun, surprised by the reaction, later posted a series of

tweets protected the prank.He said:” Sweet mom of god. Not for one second did I believe people would think that to be genuine.” Siri can i be arrested for making a phony tweet?”Many individuals asking why I haven’t taken it down. Actually within minutes of me publishing it, it had legs. It was everywhere within about 10mins. I had actually lost control of it in an

instant.” Stung by worldwide concerns about inflation, The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 1,175 points( or 4.6 percent)on Monday-the largest decline of its enter 6 years. Trump’s financial policy is at the heart of his Presidency Investment employers were quick to call for calm.Daniel Wiener, chief executive of Adviser Investments, informed the

Washington Post:” This was crowd psychology at its best”.”Investors had the weekend to fret about what occurred Friday, and they offered on Monday.FRASIER STAR DEAD Brit-born actor John Mahoney who played Frasier’s father dies aged 77 SUFFICING TOO FINE School child put in seclusion by instructors since of his ‘severe ‘hairstyle’HE

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DEATH Kid, 9, passes away just hours after being struck down with the FLU”This is typical, every day stock market

volatility. And it’s healthy.”The White House moved to reassure financiers saying it was concentrated on “long-term

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