Donald Trump questioned the lack of “due procedure” on Twitter

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Olivier Douliery-Pool/ Getty Images Living with Donald Trump in the White Home has actually been a difficulty, to state the very least. During the last year, we’ve seen firsthand the absence of support for females coming from the Oval Workplace– from claiming the sexual attack are phonies, to the current scandal including a . Plus, Trump himself is the first to confess he’s not a feminist.(

As if we accusations of sexual misconduct. Any mention of victims– particularly his own accusers– was glaringly missing from his tweet, which is definitely concerning.

We can’t assist however question if this is a hassle-free story as Trump struggles to uphold the hazardous environment that enabled abuse to thrive.

Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a simple accusation. Some are real and some are incorrect. Some are old and some are brand-new. There is no recovery for someone wrongly accused – life and career are gone. Exists no such thing any longer as Due Process?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) (Which is a big problem, btw, as he largely counts on

frauds to drive his picked narrative).2. In 2007, Trump was questioned under oath. Attorneys caught him in 30 fallacies. https://t.co/NHvGetIsii!.?.!pic.twitter.com/9W77Ytvo0V!.?.!— Mark Berman(@markberman) February 6, 2018 The #MeToo motion has opened an essential environment for victims to speak out against their

abusers. We want to see the conversation continue to develop as we develop a more secure society for everyone.

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