Sebago Brewing opens new 40-bbl brewhouse, destination brewery in Maine

In addition to the four-vessel and 40-bbl brewhouse, Sebago will include a brand-new pilot brewhouse with a 7-bbl mash tun and 5-bbl kettle. Image by means of the Sebago Facebook page.Sebago Developing Co

.(SBC) set out to open a new location brewery in its house state of Maine less than a year back and is now all set to introduce it to the general public. Located on Lower Main Street in Gorham, Maine, the 30,965-sq-ft building is now the home of SBC's brewery, tasting space and head office. The brand-new brewery has 4 times the capacity of the previous center and can brew 5,000 gallons of beer in four batches daily. The increased capability will assist keep up with need-- the company has been trending at over 24 percent growth.In addition to the four vessel and 40-bbl brewhouse, Sebago will include new pilot

brewhouse with a 7-bbl mash tun and a 5-bbl kettle. According to Tom Abercrombie, brewmaster at SBC, the pilot system will provide them the flexibility to do small batches for both R&D and for enjoyable."We eagerly anticipate working together with all sorts of individuals from different locations of our own business, along with pals in the market, "stated Abercrombie."It will also permit us to make little batches for barrel aging and ultimately mixing for distinct beers we have actually never ever made prior to. "Arranged trips of the brand-new brewery will start and end in the tasting room, which will ultimately feature 16 taps of Sebago's requirement, seasonal and specialty brews. Along with beer samplers and flights, guests can take pleasure in wood fired pizza, sandwiches and entrees, all concentrated on locally sourced ingredients.Sebago Brewing Co-Founders Kai Adams, Brad Queen and Tim Haines believe the destination brewery is the perfect method to commemorate the company's 20th anniversary. They're most thrilled about

bringing the makers and the general public back together through the tasting room and brewery trips."Years back as club makers, our customers were closer to the origin of production,"stated Adams, vice president of SBC."When once again, the public can see the brewers, meet the people making it, drink it and buy it fresh to go

-- all at the very same place."