Chhena Poda Recipe: How to prepare Odisha Nayagarh popular #ChhenaPoda #Odisha #Food #Recipe

Chhena Poda Recipe: The best ways to prepare Odisha Nayagarh well-known #ChhenaPoda #Odisha #Food #Recipe

Chhena Poda Dish: Ways to prepare Odisha Nayagarh famous Chhena Poda #Odisha #Food #Recipe Prepared by Pratap Bhanja.Chhenapoda stemmed in the Oriya

town of Nayagarh in the first half of the twentieth century. The owner of a confectionery, a certain Sudarshana Sahoo chosen to sugarcoat and spices to leftover cottage cheese one night, and leave it in an oven that was still warm from earlier use. The next day, he was happily amazed to find out exactly what a delightful dessert he had created.Ingredients Fresh cheese: 1 kg Sugar: 400-450 gm Semolina (Suji/ Rawa): 50-75 gm Cashew nuts: 200-250

gm Raisins(Kishmish):

  • 50-75 gm Green cardamom(
  • Elaichi ): 12-15 pcs, powdered Deshi ghee: 150-200 gm Method for chenna poda:-To make
  • fresh cheese you require 4-5 litre milk and
  • 2-3 tablespoon curd.Boil milk and add the curd. Let it boil till cheese and
  • water begins separating

. Simmer till water amount reduces to more

  • than half.Drain excess water by putting a cover over the container.Fry cashew nuts and Kishmish lightly in ghee till light brown. Keep aside.Take a big bowl. Mix cheese, sugar, semolina.Add roasted cashew nuts, raisins and cardamom powder.Knead to make soft dough. If you can make little balls out of it then it is prepared to be baked.Warn a baking tray.Line the base and sides of the tray with ghee.Put banana leafs(or Shal tree leafs– Shorea robusta)cut neatly to fit the within
  • the tray.Again, brush the leaf cover with ghee.Sprinkle some sugar in the ghee-brushed leaf-coated tray all around to caramelise the Chhena Poda.Pour the dough in the tray. Spread equally and put to bake.Traditional technique of baking As soon as the baking tray is ready with the mixture, cover it with 4/5 layers of plantain
  • leaf or an aluminium foil.Put burning charcoal over that. Else, you can put a cover on the tray and then put burning charcoal.Put the tray on earthenoven with low strength flame. Let it be there for 1
  • 1/2– 2 hours. You can examine the status of baking by
  • piercing a small knife or a clean toothpick. If it is done, the toothpick/knife would come out clean.Modern approach of baking When the baking tray is prepared with the mixture, put

    it in the microwave oven. Set the cooking time to 30-45 minutes.After the baking time is over, open the over door. Leave the tray in the oven to cool down.Your delicious Chhena Poda is ready to be served.Tags:,