Did Stephen Hawking Diss Einstein For Vedas? Science Minister Says So

Imphal, Manipur: Harsh Vardhan, the genial science minister has quoted British physicist Stephen Hawking to back declares that Vedas are basically are a theory of whatever. The minister today stated that the cosmologist, who passed away this week, had said the Vedas have a theory that is superior to Albert Einstein’s formula.

“Stephen Hawking said on record that our Vedas might have a theory that transcends to [Einstein’s] E=MC2,” Dr Vardhan told an event of 5,000 scientists at the Indian Science Congress. A well known German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein’s formula states suggests that mass and energy are the very same but in different forms.

The remark did raise many eyebrows. Later the minister firmly insisted that he hadn’t exaggerated Stephen Hawking.

“This is definitely not a location for to pass on exaggerated tales,” the country’s genial science minister stated, and advised reporters to discover the initial source of this information.If you can’t find

while you are in Imphal, concerned me in Delhi and I will inform you the precise source,” he stated, a little patronisingly.NDTV then turned to some prominent scientists who had carefully tracked Stephen Hawking’s work for decades.Sandip Trivedi a well-known string theorist

and Director of the Mumbai-based Tata Institute Fundamental Research study, said this was the very first time that he was hearing about it. “I am not familiar with any such remark by Stephen Hawking,”he told NDTV.Tarun Souradeep, another widely known cosmologist from the Inter-University Center

for Astronomy and Astrophysics too was shocked.”I have never heard of such a claim by Hawking,”he said.Some researchers recommend that Stephen Hawking, a genius who committed his life to unlocking the tricks of the
universe, was a quirky individual and might have made some assertions in his talks and works that were outlandish.A quick search on the Internet exposed a post on the site hosted by the Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas, or I-Serve, that declares to be a clinical research study institute and, according to the site, is signed up as a charitable non-profit trust. The institute’s website says it is devoted to digging out the technical information of Vedic sciences from ancient Indian literature.This site has a page, which declares Stephen Hawking had described science books authored by the I-Serve organizing secretary, Dr. Sakamuri Sivaram Babu, in 2011 and said that “Vedas might have a theory superior to Einstein’s law.