Anti-Trump concerns on school quiz stimulate outrage: ‘Brainwashing of our youth by liberal academia’

Rebecca Gomez's eighth-grade daughter brought house a vocabulary test from Timber Ridge Middle School last week, which isn't really unusual-- that is, till Mama got an eyeful of a few fill-in-the-blank concerns:

It was difficult for me to [blank] my feeling when I discovered that Donald J. Trump had been enacted as our 45th President.After checking out President Trump's immigration restriction, I did not recognize how [blank] the law can be.To say Gomez was livid over the concerns from the Plainfield, Illinois, school is an understatement." I am one unhappy moms and dad!"she wrote on a Facebook post on March 22. Gomez informed the Plainfield Spot,"I was just mortified. I was shocked when I really saw the questions-- I couldn't think that a teacher would compose those concerns. "Tom Hernandez, director of neighborhood relations for District 202, verified to the Patch that the test was created by a Wood Ridge

teacher and provided to trainees."We know the quiz, "he told the outlet Friday."We are performing a query and review of the matter and if warranted, will take suitable disciplinary action."Other questions in the very same section were: There is terrific [blank] amongst Americans, especially those who

are strong advocate [sic] of President Trump and those who protest him.The President of the United States [blank] implicated the media of concealing terrorist attacks in European countries.I have [blank] to seek out non-biased news so that I am a well-educated and educated citizen.Gomez informed the Patch she satisfied Friday with Lumber Ridge Principal Dean Kariotakis and Director of Administration and Worker Jennifer

Orlos and was told the instructor was spoken to by administrators concerning the test. "We're not looking to get her fired or anything,"

Gomez informed the outlet, adding that she "wished to get this out there due to the fact that this type of stuff is not appropriate for school"and "it's all in the media, we do not need this in the classroom. "Commenters on Gomez's Facebook page concurred.

"The indoctrination of our youth by Liberal academia, "one commenter wrote."It has actually been going on for many years. Thank God my kids ended up Conservative!! ... This female needs to be fired! She can't even provide a test that is grammatically appropriate!!"Another composed,"

Imagine how much trouble an instructor would enter

if they shared their conservative beliefs in this manner ... not even alright in very conservative Texas! "Someone who said she's not a Trump fan nevertheless declared" how disrespectful for her to do this! ""Precisely!"Gomez responded to the remark."I do not care who you support ... politics must

not be pushed in our children's face in school!!" (H/T: EAGNews)