Downtown Ashland real estate and an urban renaissance

Rural Johnson County Kentucky native Paul Castle remembers the very first time he checked out Chicago in his 20s.

Castle stuck with buddies near Wrigley Field. He vividly remembers to this day the sights and experiences on that trip as a boy from rural Kentucky, in addition to the amazement he felt at the sight of individuals living in high increases, being able to stroll to work, and taking pleasure in the culture of city living.

“I was like, wow, people actually live in these huge buildings,” Castle recalled. “I fell for their way of life. My good friend had a loft, I saw how he commuted, and I believed it was fantastic. I just kind of saved it in the back of my head, this concept of living downtown, living in an urban place.”

The journey and another to New York City certainly left a lasting impression on Castle. A successful career in physical treatment put Castle in a position to be a real estate investor, and he is now considered the leader of a motion going for Ashland’s downtown renaissance. Castle’s business, Crescent Moon Residence, owns more than 30 structures in Ashland. Numerous have actually been rehabbed and transformed into lofts. It’s all part of an investment plan that he views as a method to contribute to the redevelopment of Ashland– a small city struck hard by years of business downsizing, headquarter leave, industrial decay and job loss.

“I didn’t wish to move to Chicago, and the more I believed about it, I said, ‘You know, there are downtown structures here,'” Castle stated. “Why couldn’t you do it in this town instead of needing to move to New york city or transfer to Chicago?”

Castle got going buying a single downtown structure, refurbishing a top flooring into a loft to reside in and leasing business spaces downstairs. The industrial areas leased practically instantly and Castle lived up top. The strategy worked extremely well. This in turn led to the acquisition of more structures.

“I was like, ‘I believe I’m on to something here,'” Castle stated. “I like living downtown … it has a feel to it.”

Castle has actually since found a niche purchasing dilapidated downtown buildings and rehabbing them. They are buildings definitely in requirement of sprucing up and in requirement of added worth. Castle took The Daily Independent through some upper floorings of one structure he owns on Winchester Avenue. On the bottom floor, two brand name brand-new organisations are prepared to open in the updated rented spaces. On the floorings above are areas in desperate requirement of rehabilitation. Particles is on the floor, carpets and flooring are trashed, however underneath the trashed drywall and flooring is charm and history. There are hidden, timeless wood floorings. There are, underneath the dry wall, handcrafted brick walls. There are old-fashioned fireplaces and natural wood door frames that hold the possible to take visitors back generations to Ashland’s heydays going back to the early 1900s.

“Some of the functions beneath are remarkable … but when individuals first see the insides they cannot envision the finished item,” Castle said. “Now when I see them I can see how cheap they are to purchase. I can buy them cheap, do my thing and it exercises actually well. I look for diamonds in the rough. You can take everything out, begin over with a great starting point. It is a total renovate which is exactly what frightens people. Each of these houses is probably $70,000 to $80,000 to renovate. You’ve got the cost of the structure then you have actually got your restoration costs. It is an investment and my business is more into long-term repairing and holding.”

Castle makes the financial investments since he thinks in Ashland. He loves the city. Some of the most popular organisations in downtown are now situated in his company’s buildings.

“I simply like the town,” he said. “I do not have one particular reason that. Right now it would be simple to state ‘Oh Braidy Industries is coming’ but I didn’t understand that all these years ago. When I started doing this everyone was a negative nelly. It’s on its method down, things are terrible, woe-is-me, and I never actually bought into that. The other thing I think people forget is this is the Tri-State area. Even if Ashland is down a bit numerous individuals can reside in Ashland and work close by. So i just never bought into the negativeness.”

Castle thinks the community can take particular steps to make the renaissance get here earlier. One is to take the actions essential to have more dining establishments and service market downtown. He said another thing the neighborhood can do, he said, is believe in the future and spread out the word.And, another choice is to simply get involved.

“You hear a lot of they ought to do this, or they ought to do that,” Castle stated. “Well who is they? They is we. If someone desires to make a microbrewery occur, go do it. Follow your enthusiasm.”