How to Create an Online Test that Grows your Email List

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Online tests are hot. I 'd be ready to wager you've taken at least one "Which Kind of ____ are you?" quiz that you found on Facebook. Am I right? And while these quizzes are fun ... they can also serve another purpose: growing your email list!Last month

I created a quiz on my website: And over the previous couple of weeks, I have actually had numerous people ask me how to develop a test for their website. So while I might compose all about the actions you need to take in the software to setup the quiz ... I actually wish to highlight the preparation of the test first. Simply like with developing a site-- the preparation and method piece is oh SOOOOOO crucial to obtaining results for your organisation. Unfortunately, that's the piece that I see most entrepreneurs neglecting! So today-- I'm going to show you the actions I took to TACTICALLY PLAN my online quiz to grow my email list.
(Tip: You ought to follow this strategy to develop a quiz that grows your e-mail list too!)

Action 1: Pick Your Quiz Subject and Title

The success of your test greatly depends upon this one point: Produce the quiz with your perfect client in mind.What topics are they interested

  • in?What would make them wish to drop whatever they're
  • doing to take your quiz?What are some questions your ideal client has that you can address for
  • them through your quiz?How much time do they have to take your quiz?How can you make the test enjoyable and
  • exciting for them?After you pick your test subject,
  • create a memorable title for your quiz. Make it brief and enjoyable!

Or make it address a concern or need that you understand your audience has. Grab your audience's attention through a title they can't resist.Step 2: Strategy your test results.Now that you have your subject for your quiz, choose the different test results you will have

. In my quiz I have 3 various outcomes that people can get after they take the quiz: DIY Your Site Deal with a Web Designer A mix of DIYing and Dealing With a Web Designer Your test may

  1. include more outcomes-- however remember that the more outcomes you pick to have, the quantity of work that you will have to do will greatly grow. So to make it much easier on yourself, I would start out with having just 2-4 results.Now draw up the attributes of each of these results. What makes each of them different? Are there any attributes that a few of them share? When I planned out my test, I knew that some of the qualities that were different between website DIYers and people that should work with a web designer included: their budget plan, their timeline, how much technical and design experience they have, and how much time they have to work on their website.Don't avoid this action! It's important to have a great deal with on the characteristics of each of your quiz results first-- because that makes the next action a lot easier!Step 3: Strategy Your Quiz Questions and Answers.Now that you have your test results actually flushed out, it's time to write your quiz concerns and

    responses. Here are a couple of tips: Draw up your concerns and responses as if you are actually talking to the individual who is taking the quiz. Do not be stuffy; include some personality to your quiz to make it more fun for them.Make your questions and your responses short and to the point. You desire your quiz to only take a few minutes to complete. Individuals are hectic and have short attention periods; we don't want them getting tired and leaving prior to they're done taking the quiz!Make sure your questions reveal your knowledge. Remember:

    • this might be the very first contact you have with brand-new potential customers-- so you wish to reveal that you understand your things-- and that you can help them.Take a take a look at the distinctions you composed down for your quiz results in Action # 2--
    • and use those items as your questions.Put your questions in an order that makes one of the most sense for your test takers. Do 2 of your questions associate with each other? You might want to inquire one after the other. Is among your questions something that would
    • make your concept clients state,"Oooooh! That's a great concern! "? If so-- make that the first concern in your quiz.Think about each quiz result type-- and create an answer(or 2!) that would match exactly what they would have for that concern. Ensure each outcome type is covered with a minimum of one of the responses. Sometimes you'll discover that you have several responses for a particular result
    • type ... or you may have one answer that matches multiple quiz results. That's perfectly fine, as long your quiz software application can deal with that.(We'll speak about your quiz software/platform in step # 6. )You might also find some answers that do not fit any of your outcome types; so reword or delete them.Step 4: Produce aprepare for getting e-mail subscribers.Let's consider how to grow your email
    • list with your quiz. When somebody completes taking your test-- however prior to you show them their quiz results!-- consist of a lead capture form, providing the choice to opt-in to your email list. You can link this kind to your email marketing program so they immediately get added to your list. And then you can send out different follow-up emails to them, based upon which test result they got.Think about exactly what would make people want to opt-in to your list (besides just seeing what their quiz outcome is). Let's offer them an incentive to sign-up! Consider what would make people desire to opt-in to your list(besides just seeing their quiz results)

. You can provide them extra details about their quiz

results. You can likewise include a freebie related to your test or to their test result. Outline exactly what info and optional freebies you will be giving for each outcome type.You'll need to choose if you wish to force people to opt-in in order to see their outcomes-- or if you want to provide the choice to skip the opt-in and simply go straight to their outcome. I chose to enable my audience to avoid the opt-in if they wish to.

The factor? I just desire individuals on my list that are really interested in my tips and services. I do not want people to opt-in just to get their outcomes. This cuts down on bad leads and phony e-mails on my customer list. AND ... it enables me to build a more powerful list of subscribers who have an interest in speaking with me again!Step 5: Strategy your quiz results pages.After the e-mail opt-in screen, you'll show the outcome of their quiz. Each test results page ought to be customized based upon their quiz outcome (a different outcome page for each outcome type). Inform the them test result-- in big, strong lettering at the top of the page.Include an image that belongs to the test result they got.Include a quick (2-3 paragraphs)description of their outcome. Put a positive spin on each result. For instance, on a personality quiz you might consist of some advantages of that character type.Include a large button that connects to one of your quiz benefits from Action 4(among your giveaways-- or a connect to a post or video with more info associated to their test outcome ). Consist of social sharing buttons so they can share their quiz results on their social media accounts(which can bring more traffic to your quiz!)Action 6: Plan Your Email Funnels.After someone completes your quiz and

opts-in to your e-mail list, now you need to build your relationship with that new lead. At this moment numerous entrepreneur make the mistake of simply planning out one email( if that!)and after that just continuing with their regularly-scheduled e-mails. That is NOT exactly what I advise. You have a brand-new subscriber who is interested in speaking with you ... so let's
  • make the most of this!First, draw up a couple of e-mails to send out to your new subscriber based upon their test outcome. Tailor your emails to what they require-- so they find worth in the messages you're sending them. Setup a different e-mail funnel(aka e-mail sequence or email autoresponder series)for each
  • of your quiz results. I have setup a different email sequence in ConvertKit for each of my 3 quiz outcomes.
  • Each email funnel includes 4-5 e-mails that I send over 6-10 days. The very first email consists of more info about their test outcome. And the staying e-mails include ideas and
  • resources for either DIYing their site

    or for working with a web designer, depending upon exactly what their quiz result was.Optional Action 6b. Plan an upsell Always believe about the upsell procedure when creating funnels for your business. After you have offered worth with the information you send out in your emails, you can consist of a deal for an associated item or service. For finest outcomes, make sure your offer is associated with the info you've been giving up your e-mail funnel. And consider making it time-sensitive(giving them a discount that's good only for the next 3 days, for example). If they don't buy this upsell after 2-3 emails, you can likewise offer a second, lower-priced upsell.Step 7: Choose Your Quiz Software.Disclosure: Interact gave me an account to test out their test software. Nevertheless all viewpoints in this short article remain my own and I was in no method affected by the company.There are several quiz platforms and plugins available. Before choosing which one you desire to use, think about all the features and performance you will need for your test. Actions 1-3 above ought to provide you a pretty excellent feel for exactly what performance you require with the quiz concerns, answers and outcomes.(For instance, do some of your questions have responses that apply to more than among your quiz results?)And Steps 4-6 will help you recognize exactly what you need in order to get the test and your e-mail marketing

    company to work well together.(For

    example, you desire each test lead to enter into its own, separate e-mail funnel. )Here are some extra things to remember: Do you wish to personalize the style with your option of colors, images and buttons?Do you wish to add your logo to the test-- or are you OKAY with the test software's logo design being shown instead?How user-friendly is the software application for you to setup? Do you want a drag-and-drop solution?Does the quiz software work with your website platform(WordPress, Squarespace, etc.)? Do you want the quiz to be mobile-responsive?(Tip: The response here is Yes! )Do you desire the quiz to include social

    sharing buttons?Choosing a test software/platform noises likeit should not be too hard. But take it from me: all test contractors are not developed equivalent! A few months ago I had a client who required assistance setting up a test on her site.

    We went through not one, not two, however THREE various quiz plugins prior to we found one that would work for her! One plugin didn't deal with her email marketing supplier. Another plugin didn't deal with her webhosting service provider! After a number of hours of troubleshooting and trial-and-error, we discovered one that would work with both. But we still had numerous issues with that one also! Which is why I have not given my"stamp of approval "on ANY quiz software application services-- previously ... I LOVE the test software application that I use on my site: Interact Test Builder. Not only does it include all the functions I desired( See my partial list of features I desired in the bulleted list above.)-- however it's likewise so simple to use and their customer support has actually been excellent also. They have a FREE strategy you can utilize to try it out-- and they also have a LOTS OF quiz templates you can utilize to obtain begun with your

  • test rapidly and easily!Step 8: Take care of the Tech.OK ... now it's time to set this all up with your test software application, your site, and your email marketing program.Create your quiz in the quiz software/builder of your choice.Create your e-mail funnels in your email marketing service.Add the test to
  • your website.Make sure you are testing along the method-- to make sure your test and e-mail funnels are all working correctly.Step 9: Promote your Quiz.Now that you have your big quiz idea in location, you're ready to launch it and start capturing leads. The secret to obtaining a lots of actions to your test(and more email customers on your list!)is to promote it. Here are some ways you can promote your test: As a popup on your website In your website or blog's sidebar As a highlighted call-to-action on your website's house page In your site footer As a call-to-action on the bottom of related blog posts Compose a blog post about your quiz (or related to the topic of your quiz)and include connect to your quiz In your email newsletter Post on your social networks accounts Action 10: Display your results and fine-tune. It's important that you inspect the development of your test funnel. By doing this, you'll understand if your test and email funnels are working for you to obtain more email customers-- and more company. You'll wish to make sure you track the

    following information: Number of visitors to your test Number of individuals who begin taking your test Variety of individuals who finish your quiz Number of people who opt-in to your newsletter from your test Email open rates and unsubscribe rates in your e-mail funnels Purchases made through your e-mail funnels If you notice that you're not getting the sees you require, the submissions you prefer, or your conversion rates are low-- then you can consider fixing the following: Quiz subject-- Is this actually something your audience is interested in?Quiz title-- Is the title recording their attention?Quiz questions and answers-- Do you have too many concerns

    ? Are your questions or answers too wordy or complicated? Does your test take too long to fill out?Quiz Software/Platform-- Is it simple and user-friendly for individuals to take the test? Does it look professional?Opt-in Form-- Can you deal with your copy to encourage individuals to opt-in? Outcomes Pages-- Do the test results compare properly with the answers? Are you providing

    a"teaser "for exactly what they can anticipate from you next?Email funnel after the quiz-- Are you offering handy info associated

    to their quiz result?Is this a LOT of work to setup? YES! Is it worth it? YES!-- if you are offering worth to your subscriber.My open rate for my test email funnels is the very best(greatest)from all my opt-in deals. And my variety of unsubscribers from these e-mail funnels is unbelievably low too. This tells me that my customers are: