1952 Willys M38 Would Be The Ultimate Vintage Jeep

I have actually been on an unusual kicks lately hunting the internet for classic Jeeps. I think it would be beyond bitchin’ to have one as a summer cruiser and to beat around at home with. I know that they are rough riding, slow, and about as attractive as an old farm tractor in the styling department … and those are all the factors that I like ’em. This specific 2952 Willys M38 knocked my socks off since the thing is really, really nice. Dressed as a Navy version of a Jeep with its blue paint, it is total, running, driving, and likely much better than it was when first produced in 1952 in numerous aspects. The Jeep was brought back to the letter of what it would have been the day it reached a Naval base in ’52.

The Willys M38 was produced from 1949-1952, making this one of the later examples of the run. 60,000 of them were constructed and they were used in Korea and obviously at other places around the globe but mainly here in your home as finest we can tell. The M38 was a military version of the CJ3a that civilians were purchasing and utilizing for all various kinds of stuff from ranching to snow raking back then. Jeeps became heroic signs of American triumph in WWII and they were still an exceptionally capable little package. This thing is 2,600 lbs, it is powered by the difficult little 60hp Go Devil 4 banger, and it continued to ride on the 80 ″ wheelbase of its older brothers.The iconic grill was still present in the M38 however there was a modification with the front end. The headlights were no longer recessed, they really bulged out somewhat and as you can see there were little guards added to safeguard the lights when the Jeep remained in the jungle or the woods and they might be broken.Three sticks through the floor, 4″seats”that are sort of

like torture racks, tools mounted to the side, and a fabric top. Hot damn, I remain in love!eBay: Hammer the images listed below to take a look at the ad for this 1952 Willys M38