‘Silly’ to believe old ways of education preparation will stay efficient: Ong Ye Kung

SINGAPORE: Education systems here need to be able to acknowledge the variety of strengths and skills amongst the young to assist them pursue their passions, and it would be “absurd to believe that the old method of preparing for education” will remain effective.Education Minister(College and Skills )Ong Ye Kung made these points at the APAIE education conference at the Marina
Bay Sands Convention Centre on Monday(Mar 26 ). Mr Ong reasoned that technology has actually opened tremendous career chances for people, who in turn make their education options based on their aspirations.In such a system, the goal post has actually shifted from teaching a student enough so

that they can finish, to helping them learn such that they never ever actually graduate, he added.Mr Ong said this is a problem Singapore faces as the existing education system is closely lined up with nationwide, social and financial priorities. He stated:”In this developing system, governments continue to have a duty to decipher what’s happening in the

world and signal to moms and dads and trainees the promising areas to pursue. We need to identify that it’s extremely discouraging for a young individual to finish with a degree or diploma that has no need in the market.”At the exact same time, the education system need to learn more about the specific much better. If we can help every one people discover our interests and goals

, reveal natural talents and abilities and match them to require-that will end up being an enduring strength for the collective and for Singapore.”Mr Ong added that as the country rides a new age of industrialisation, there are a number of manner ins which Singapore’s education system needs to evolve.For one, the education system requires to take a look at more carefully the pathways that are better for different groups of students to assist them accomplish these great outcomes.And it likewise has to concentrate on achieving and measuring finding out results and avoid over-emphasising the importance of scholastic grades.”Today, we don’t even know exactly what tasks of the future will look like.

Industries are producing new task titles, and new methods of organising work. It would be absurd to believe that the old way of preparing for education will continue to work.” We should now foster human ingenuity and durability so that our children can flourish in a future we can not yet totally determine, “the minister said.The APAIE 2018 conference explores trends in worldwide education and offers a platform to go over the preparation of trainees for employment.