Giant mile high ‘alien’ underwater structure that completely lines up with Egypt’s pyramids ‘found’ on Google Earth by UFO watchers

UFO hunters declare to have found a mile-high underwater structure located exactly in line with the pyramids.The massive skyscraper, which lovers likewise believe is”occupied by aliens “, was found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean by zooming in on Google Earth.

UFO hunters declare to have actually ‘spotted’ the huge structure on Google Earth

Author Shefket, of the website Perfect Edition, said many think it’s not a natural structure – because absolutely nothing has actually ever been discovered that “remotely resembles it on Earth”.

He stated: “For firm followers of the Hollow Earth theory, this is the last evidence they required to prove its existence.”

Close assessment of the tower’s environments have found a “large space someplace much deeper than the ocean flooring”.

This so called layer is said to be much like what individuals who claim to have visited it describe.

They declare it’s lived in by aliens
And it lines up perfectly with the pyramids, say UFO lovers

Shefket added: “These individuals also declare that the race inhabiting inner Earth don’t actually conceal there, but have actually opted to come out extremely rarely, which most likely means they do so in order to study us and not for resources.

“UFO hunters now believe this tower to be part of a global network of gigantic structures, used by ancient innovative civilisations to transfer and receive large amounts of energy through country miles.

“No nation has yet to make an official declaration on this discovery, which appears a bit odd, let alone send out an expedition team.”

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