Truck tires become part of the Internet of Things

article image Truck tires become part of the Internet

of Things Truck tires are the latest element of vehicles to end up being part of the Web of Things. This is to gather statistics associating with usage and security, to assist companies to handle fleets of lorries and to handle stock control.
The most recent automobile development comes from a collaboration in between the automobile provider Continental and mobile network company Vodafone. This is in the form of smart linked to a digital data platform. The focus is with safety and dependability for industrial cars. This is through an assessment of crucial tire signs, like pressure and temperature level. These specifications are collected via mobile radio, using Vodafone’s mobile network, and sent to a digital platform. The platform will be the ContinConnect, which is a main web portal. The portal will permit a truck company or retail arm to keep track of all the vehicles that make up a fleet that are on the road at any time. With these sensors, a sensing unit positioned on the contact spot of the tire increases pressure as a result of the weight bearing down on the tire, causing a signal to be sent.