Letters to the Editor: Easter advises of regime cruelties

Numerous in this nation are too drunk, drugged, depressed or crazy-busy to take notice of what is happening. Nevertheless, at Easter that instrument of torture, the cross, advises us of how cruelly systematic dictatorships always are.Rosemary Walters,

Palmerston No point to tax cuts Aside from being on the Institute of Public Accountants and business wish lists, what precisely is the purpose of the proposed reduced tax rate for large corporations?What problem is it resolving? Business Council of Australia claims it will lead to higher investment by companies, which in turn will increase employment and wages.But exists inadequate investment at the moment? No. Non-mining investment grew by double the long-lasting typical rate last year. Is work in such

a parlous state that it requires this once-only (very pricey)intervention?No– the government itself is claiming record work development today, despite our apparently ruinously high corporate tax rate. Is there any evidence that tax cuts result in wages growth?No. On the contrary, companies that do utilize the bonanza for long-term advantage(rather than gratifying themselves and shareholders with higher reimbursement and share buy-backs)are most likely to buy productivity-enhancing capital products developed to change workers, and to replace higher-skilled jobs with lower-paid more routine alternatives. It certainly will not empower workers to plan on higher salaries as is claimed.Given these cuts will unarguably reduce federal government’s capability to provide healthcare, education and infrastructure: a)where is the evidence?, b)who actually benefits?, and c) why are we pursuing Trump, of all individuals, in this race to the bottom?Julian Robinson, Narrabundah Most current backflip Labor declared its exhaustively investigated, widely consulted plan relating to tax dividend imputation as a landmark policy in stabilizing fairness between the huge and little ends of town.How come their comprehensive research either failed to consider, or cared not, what amounted to an attack on meagre tax refunds for pensioners– and a marked decrease for mum and daddy self-funded retirees?Or was it a”thought bubble”, to quote among Chris Bowen’s

overplayed slogans in criticising the government?Or was it yet another case of Mr Shorten’s Labor being blinded by their fixation on festering class warfare, while purporting to be there for “all Australians”? Now we have Costs and Chris looking us in the eye and asking us to think that the policy was put out in the public arena to elicit feedback– for those justifiably irritated to pretty apparent unintended consequences.Then to ask us to think that it was all a ploy to make”a progressive policy more progressive

“. Come on Mr Shorten, right just another in a growing list of your Labor backflips?Misplaced concerns Yet once again

“Overseas help faces sweeping cutbacks”(March 29, p. 4). Once again that time-worn reason from the minister: no increase till a spending plan surplus.Yet the federal government can decrease its earnings by handing$65 billion to business, through tax cuts.However, more earnings could be discovered in a brand-new (Tobin )Tax of about 0.01 per cent used to high-frequency foreign exchange transactions.The Reserve Bank calculated FOREX trades in April 2013 averaged$US182billion each day. By contrast, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade reported Australia’s two-way sell 2012 was $623.8 billion, or about four days FOREX trading. This recommends over

90per cent of these trades are speculative. Taxing monetary speculators means additional earnings for childcare, health care, aged care and Australia’s help fixing global inequality.This suggests assisting the 767million people living on less than$US1.90 a day in 2013. Australia’s spending plan need to not

be stabilized on the backs of the world’s poor. They share our world.

We can share our wealth.Church leaders quiet This Easter much of us are awaiting our church leaders to speak out in a nation where Native individuals are still disproportionately imprisoned; in a world in which Yemen is still experiencing indiscriminate bombing and in a world in which we

now have an island as huge as Queensland made from our waste plastic!Where is our Martin Luther King?On this fiftieth anniversary of his martyrdom, right sensible to anticipate that church leaders, this Easter, will recognise the wounds of discrimination, of war and of indiscriminate consumption as the extremely real injuries of Christ’s body today?Tony Fewtrell(“Catholics need to get up and speak out”, canberratimes.com.au, March 26 ), explains that young high school trainees of Florida have had the nerve to name their leaders as being”

contrasted and caught “. Will our church leaders stand similarly accused this Easter?Splinter party idea Abbott introduces Hanson’s book, he really has struck rock bottom. Perhaps a splinter party is in the offing:”One Notion.” Government fails on promise Reports of tenants being evicted from Stuart Flats are no surprise.What is most stunning is the complete disregard by our present federal government of the terms that they took control of the ownership of the general public real estate they already have sold.The original arrangement was that if any of the around 13,000 public housing units inherited when we ended up being self governing were offered, new public real estate would be built to change them prior to the sale.At the moment we have about 10,000 public real estate systems left in Canberra.This implies that successive ACT

federal governments have cannot honour that undertaking.Yvonne Berry glibly declares that the rate of homeless people has actually tipped over the previous years.Vinnies and other organisations that assist the homeless have a far various understanding.The reality is that putting your name on the public real estate waiting list is a wild-goose chase unless you remain in truly dire straits.At the minute we have the 2nd highest rate of homelessness of any Australian city.Without doubt our so-called Labor government is heading us towards top spot.We are a kindly lot and I truly hope we get rid of today federal government at the next election.They are more like a conservative government.I would urge concerned voters to consider voting Independent.An action

too far The Department

of Industry, Innovation and Science employer Dr Heather Smith made a brave and uncertain declaration when “she stated the APS had to

alter if it was to assist steer the federal government “(“APS boss in immediate call for extreme modification”, March 29, p10). There is the recommendation of an obstacle to constitutional functions when a part of the executive of our tripartite federal government structure, legislature, executive and judiciary, talks of guiding the federal government.

This hints at surpassing the duty to provide frank and fearless recommendations, and to execute parliament’s, that is ministerial, legal directives.It is particularly so when the statement,”we have to do policy differently “is coupled with a difficulty to the”

civil service’s vertical hierarchies”. One is left questioning whether

the obstacle is to internal hierarchies within departments and the already fractionated executive

or to external ones between the various arms of government.The physician’s associated discuss threats to

liberal democracies, the unfavorable impacts of globalisation and disintegration of support for openness to the world invite lengthier consideration.Gary J. Wilson, Macgregor Unjust exposure In the just concluded case of an ADFA cadet and a Canberra college student, we once again have the situation where the sex lives and alcohol-fuelled activities of two young people have been front page news for weeks, with accusations and rejections and sordid descriptions of who did what.While both may be embarrassed and will likely have trouble explaining everything to their particular households, it has now been identified that the accused was innocent of any offence.Yet one party has been called, and will be identified permanently through a quick Google search, while the other party has been given anonymity.One can silently proceed, the other has a long-term stain on his record.How is justice served by this? Certainly it’s time for the courts and the media to stop recognizing either celebration in such cases up until a verdict is handed down. If guilty, the implicated can be rightfully called and shamed. However if innocent, there is no merit in even reporting the case, and neither party needs to ever be named.If the court can reduce one name, why not both?Time to bag Woolies In view of recent articles on Woolworths’ money-grabbing gaming operations, including “Gaming watchdog widens Woolworths pokies probe” (canberra times.com.au, March 28 ),”The fresh food individuals “logo design on my Woolies shopping bags now reads”The pokies individuals “. This change results from the deliberate unconscionable behaviour by the business that ends up taking fresh food from many households’ mouths when it targets individual bettors, and using an irreversible marker on my part.Whistleblowers and Independent MP Andrew Wilkie are to be applauded for their efforts to expose this prevalent misconduct.Whose idea was it?I have actually been assessing the outcry re the Aussie cricket team over the previous couple of days.Over the previous the number of years have we found out about players and/or groups being condemned of ball tampering?Many, including almost every major global team, consisting of the Poms, Pakistanis, Indians and so on.Sanctions have been enforced on those condemned. Usually the bowler concerned.

Never has a captain or any of the group’s management come out and admitted it was” their idea”. Whose was it then? The bowlers ‘? Let us likewise review the example cricketers see on a daily

basis from ours, and the worlds politicians and business leaders.To a specific degree I respect Steve Smith for coming out and attempting to secure his junior player.It reveals he has balls and guts. Even if it must never ever have been created in the very first place.Paddy O’Keeffe, Palmerston Behind the curve There are many aspects of the Australian cricket group’s ball-tampering mess that are tough to comprehend– and difficult to condone– but one sticks out

to me.One side of the ball was being polished and the other roughed up with the assistance of grit from the pitch collected on a piece of adhesive tape. (The goal is, of course, to increase the drag on one side of the ball relative to the other so that it will curve– or swing– in the air, with the roughened side on the within the curve.

)This sort of wear and tear is extremely undoubtedly unnatural, and would be spotted immediately by an opposition gamer or an umpire. It baffles me how the Australian players accountable for the tampering idea they might get away with it.They must not be quite as creative as they think they are, and this overconfidence has resulted in Australian cricket being significantly discredited.This episode is rather like the very disgraceful 1981 underarm bowling event when we

were betting New Zealand.This has actually still not been forgotten, and the ball-tampering event will most likely haunt Australian cricket

— and possibly sport usually– for decades to come.Douglas Mackenzie, Deakin TO THE POINT I collect that the RSL’s decision to ban all but veterans from progressing ANZAC day was mainly due to an accident last year when a youngster hit a senior veteran and non-life-threatening injuries resulted.Considering Australia-wide ANZAC

day marches usually include numerous hundred thousand participants, we should all be thankful that the degree of risk hostility levels displayed by those who stormed ashore at Gallipoli and held them off on the Kokoda Track, and at Kapyong and Long Tan,

were well listed below those of specific RSL officials.We should not be so amazed by our cricketers tampering with the ball.

What sort of ethical leadership does our federal government offer? It treats refugees worse than lawbreakers, deports individuals who have lived here all their lives to nations they have never ever been to and offers tax breaks to wealthy business while it cuts down on well-being, health and education.To me,”Un-Australian “implies to be

honest.Is”trickle-down impact”the same as “crumbs from the table “? Why did Kim Jong-un take a train to Beijing when he could have travelled

by rocket?Morning & Afternoon Newsletter