Sarkozy’s hand in the French cookie container?

THERE was something rejuvenating about watching previous French president Nicholas Sarkozy being interrogated in a French prison. Particularly since he may soon be implicated of conspiracy in the murder of my old pal, Col Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.Sarkozy and his

former chief of staff, Claude Guéant, are being investigated for privately accepting at least EUR50 million from Gaddafi for his 2007 electoral project. Such a payment broke France’s optimum acceptable limit for political donation, not to discuss a restriction on foreign financing of candidates and failure to report the payments. Sarko likewise deals with examination over secret payments from Gulf oil states.French political prospects frequently have to wade through the sewers to fund their projects since costs limitations were set fairly low to avoid huge cash from purchasing the elections, as in the United States.These charges versus Sarkozy and Guéant have been percolating for years with just a muted response.

Sarkozy also entered into hot water after he was accused of bilking large amounts of cash from a senile heiress to France’s L’Oréal cosmetics company.But three years back, a French-Lebanese business owner told the French investigative website Mediapart that he had given travel suitcases with EUR5

million(US$ 6.2 million) to Guéant. The previous chief of personnel would later on declare the money was payment for a painting he had sold to the dubious Lebanese. Obviously it was!In 2007, Sarkozy became president of France. At the time, he and Gaddafi appeared to be finest of pals. The Libyan leader made a gala visit to Paris, pitched his Bedouin camping tent on the premises of the governmental palace and got the lavish main welcome that the French do so well.France was interested in Libya’s high quality oil and utilizing Libya as a beachhead for broadening Paris’ previous influence in North Africa. France and Libya privately conspired to eliminate rebels in the region who were battling

French-installed puppet rulers in West and Central Africa.But then Sarkozy turned greatly versus the Gaddafi routine and joined United States and British efforts to overthrow it. This was not the first time. Former French president François Mitterrand purchased his intelligence chief, Count de Marenches, to destroy Gaddafi’s personal jet with an

altitude-fused bomb. Marenches told me the bomb was secreted aboard the aircraft, then removed when relations with Tripoli improved.British intelligence, MI6, also tried to assassinate Gaddafi by means of a cars and truck bomb in Benghazi, Libya, however failed, though lots of civilians were killed.Sarkozy eventually hearkened needs from Hillary Clinton, then United States secretary of state, to release a war versus apparent ally, Gaddafi, and take his oil riches.Warplanes and special forces from the US, France and Britain signed up with in a sustained attack on Libya, which was cynically misrepresented as a humanitarian rescue mission. French aircraft strafed Gaddafi’s convoy. French unique forces and Libyan mercenaries caught Gaddafi, tortured him with a knife, then shot him dead.Gaddafi had made the deadly mistake of informing his eldest child, Saif al-Islam, and senior authorities about his secret payment to Sarkozy. When word dripped out from Saif, Sarkozy rapidly ordered the attack on Libya. Dead males inform no tales. French intelligence is very proficient at wiping off foes and nuisances.My surmise is that French justice will find some tenuous link in between Sarkozy and Gaddafi’s murder, but no tough evidence Sarko was straight involved. If George W. Bush and Penis Cheney could escape scott totally free after killing over one million Iraqi civilians in a trumped-up war, why prosecute Sarko for this small”contretemps”? Eric S. Margolis is an award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist, composing primarily

about the Middle East and South Asia. Comments: [email protected]!.?.!