FEET editor designated new chair of Tate galleries

The Tate has actually designated Lionel Barber, the editor of the Financial Times, opposed the gleeful media chatter [paywall] that Barber had actually been leading the hunt for a new chair prior to concluding that he himself was the most ideal candidate.

He did hire Roland Rudd, the chairman of the monetary PR company Finsbury and a previous FT reporter, to fill the vacancy among the trustees left by Lord Browne. Rudd was tipped to become Tate chairman, however once Barber emerged as the frontrunner for the leading post, that choice process was taken over by another trustee, Tim Davie.The board of trustees selects the chair from among their number, but the statement by the Tate was delayed since the gallery had to wait on the government to confirm that Barber’s term as a trustee, due to run out later on this year after 7 years, had actually been extended up until 2021. The trustees will be recommending on filling the business sponsorship gap left by the ending of BP financing three months earlier. Tate paid ‘paltry’ ₤ 350k a year in BP sponsorship, figures expose

The sponsorship by the oil giant, which likewise backs exhibitions at the British Museum and the National Picture Gallery, has actually ended up being bitterly controversial in the last few years. It has actually sparked pickets of significant exhibits and demonstrations, including climate change messages composed in charcoal on the flooring of Tate Modern’s huge Turbine Hall, as well as a demonstration on the anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster by a naked oil-drenched activist at Tate Britain.In March 2016, the oil company revealed the ending of Tate sponsorship from completion of 2017, mentioning the “challenging company environment”, and firmly insisting that the presentations had nothing to do with the decision. The London Evening Requirement, edited by

the previous chancellor George Osborne, ran a particularly acid piece declaring that Barber’s imminent consultation had actually caused shock at both the FEET and the Tate, over a viewed conflict of interest between editorial independence and business fundraising. Fraser Nelson, the editor of the Viewer, tweeted:”I ‘d enjoy to have actually been there when this diary product was pitched in editorial conference.”Subjects< a data-link-name=meta-syndication-article href="https://syndication.theguardian.com/automation/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian.com%2Fmedia%2F2018%2Fmar%2F29%2Fft-editor-appointed-new-chair-of-tate-galleries&type=article&internalpagecode=4481853"target=_ blank title="Recycle this content"> Reuse this content