iOS 11.3: Tips, tricks, and ways to fix the most significant annoyances

  • Does your iPhone require a brand-new battery?Is your iPhone running slow? Is performance being throttled by iOS to avoid it from crashing? Would a brand-new battery help restore it to peak performance? Here’s how you can utilize iOS to discover out.Head over to Settings > Battery. There you will see a new alternative identified Battery Health( Beta). Click this to learn more about your battery.Note that this feature uses just to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone Sixes Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.If your battery’s optimum capacity is over 80 percent, you ready to go. If it’s under that figure, your battery is worn and requires changing (and if it’s really close to that, state 81 percent, then you may still experience crashes when your iPhone is exposed to cold). Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Business Chat iOS 11.3 brings with it the capability for you to talk with selected organisations right from within the Messages app.But it’s a little clumsy.How do you learn if you can talk with a company

    utilizing Business Chat? Well, the quickest and

  • easiest is to use Spotlight

    search. Search the name, and look for the Messages icon beside the business name. Then tap on that to take you into Messages.You can also explore Safari, Siri, or Maps.The list of business that currently support Company Chat is still quite small, but I expect that the list will grow over the coming months.Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes New Animojis!Remember Animojis? That trend that came and went in fifteen seconds following the release of the iPhone X? Well, if you’re still into such things, Apple’s included 4 new ones for you and your good friends and household to get tired with-a lion, a skull, a bear, and a dragon.Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Where did Night Shift go?Night Shift– the function that helps minimize the amount of blue light your

  • iPhone or iPad releases– used

    to have a toggle plainly on the Nerve center screen. You’ll discover that it’s now gone.Well, more properly, concealed. To obtain to this function, Force Press on the Brightness slider in Control Center, and at the bottom you’ll find toggles for both Graveyard shift along with the True Tone display screen feature.Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

  • Stop apps hassling you for feedback

    I understand that feedback is very important to app developers, however often it gets a bit frustrating. This is most likely among the things in apps that frustrates me the most.Fortunately, Apple now uses users a way to put an end to it.

    Unfortunately, the setting is buried and unless you understand where to try to find it, you’ll probably never come throughout it Settings > iTunes & App Shop and after that toggle In-App Scores & Evaluations to off.Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Stop App Shop videos auto-playing

    It seems that everything nowadays wishes to autoplay videos, consisting of Apple’s own App Store app.Fortunately, there’s a basic method to turn it off, but again, you need to know where to look: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Video Autoplay then tap Off.Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Screenshot modifications If, like me, you take a great deal of screenshots in iOS, then you will no doubt have actually

    seen the modification in the method this works. Now when you take a screenshot, a sneak peek appears in the lower left hand side of the display.You just need to click it if you wish to edit the screen capture, otherwise it will disappear after a few seconds.Your screenshot > still be & saved to your electronic camera roll as normal.Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Scan documents into Notes This one is a fantastic feature! Just open up Notes and click the+ at the bottom to the screen then pick Scan Files. The Camera app will fire up and you then just need to follow the prompts. This

    feature was presented in iOS 11.

    Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes QR Code scanning Did you know that you can scan QR Codes straight from the video camera app? Simply open up the Camera app and point it at the QR Code you wish to scan.This function was presented in

    • iOS 11. Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Single-handed keyboard If you prefer to type with one hand, this new iOS 11 function is for you. Press and

      hang on the Emoji button to bring up the choices for a left or right-handed keyboard. This function was presented in iOS

      11. Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Customize Control The revamped Nerve center is an excellent location to start to tweak iOS 11 to make it your own. You can include and eliminate buttons and functions to truly make it your own.Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls This feature was introduced in iOS 11. Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Switch on Do Not Disturb While Driving Not just an excellent feature, a possible

      lifesaving feature that essentially shuts off notifications while you are driving.

      Do not worry however, all your alerts will be waiting

    • for you when you’ve stopped!Settings >

      Do Not Interrupt > Do Not Interrupt While Driving You can choose in between by hand, or have iOS identify that you’re driving immediately, or have it turn on this feature when it’s connected to your cars and truck’s Bluetooth system.This feature was presented in iOS 11.

      Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

    • Establish Driving Mode

      replies This one goes together with Do Not Disturb While Driving and enables you to produce auto-replies to specific contacts if they contact you while

      you’re driving.Settings > Do Not Interrupt > Auto-Reply To This function was introduced in iOS 11. Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Free up storage area iOS 11 has a number of storage-saving features, consisting of the ability to erase unused apps if you are running low on area( yet keep all the data ), to moving all your pictures to iCloud. All this is available from: Settings > General > iPhone Storage This feature was presented in iOS 11.

      Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Power button hidden in the Settings app If your power button is feeling a little tired and in need of repair, Apple now has a software application power off

      button that you can utilize instead. Ideally your button works well enough to restart your iPhone!You can discover the software application button at: Settings > General then scroll to the bottom of the page.This feature was introduced in iOS 11.

      Caption by >: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Tailor screen

      brightness Apple has added a variety of really cool screen brightness features in iOS 11. Regrettably, it

    • buried them deep in the Settings app!Settings >

      General > Ease Of Access > Show Lodgings This feature was introduced in iOS 11. Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes iPad suggestion: Customize the dock Because you can now have up to 15 icons in the dock on an iPad, it’s an excellent idea to reorganize the apps that > you require quick access to.The dock now likewise has a space on the right to show recent apps. To enable this function turn on Recent Apps in Settings > General. This function was presented in iOS 11. Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes