Left sensation degraded by DWP concerns

” I fear for my life, “states Lucy Watts, speaking of the cuts in care bundles that are forcing handicapped grownups into retirement home (‘ I could be taken from my home and stripped of my life ‘, G2, 27 March). She is ideal to do so. I am someone to whom this has already happened and now exist, brain undamaged however body useless, separated among extremely old people with dementia. It does not end there, for the end of the Independent Living Fund indicates I now deal with more humiliation and loss of a real life.I am 63 and have cerebral palsy. This is something that occurs at birth. It is incurable and only worsens as you get older. I have spent my life in a wheelchair and was for a while a scholastic scientist, however contractures, weakness and discomfort mean I can no longer handle even simple tasks.But the DWP

is questioning my rights to benefits. I have actually just completed its 40-page type. It was such a degrading procedure. I felt less than human at the end of it. The due date for return was so tight, with supporting medical files required, that I had to fight with it for days as nobody at the retirement home where I live felt able to assist. Is it actually worth surviving this? I simply do not know.In recent transactions with DWP, I feel that we are back in the red old days of the Poor Law and the idea of weeding out the “undeserving bad”, that I am not being asked to prove a affordable privilege to benefit however rather to show why I should not lose privilege to it.Apart from being entrusted to a sense of not being valued by society as a person with a disability, the sad effect of this is that I now feel I have neither the capability nor the empathy to assist others.I feel totally without a voice and hope you

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