Previous NSW Premier Morris Iemma states he would like to lead an evaluation into Australian cricket

The former NSW premier holds a number of positions within cricket ranks. He is the president of Campbelltown-Camden Cricket Club, the NSW Districts Cricket Association, Kingsgrove Cricket Club and vice-president of the St George District Cricket Association.

“I’m not setting myself up as someone who is better than anyone else … but with the variety of hats that I wear I probably see a more comprehensive series of games and stumble upon a broad variety of experiences,” he stated.

“I don’t wish to put myself on a pedestal. Anyone who is heavily associated with juniors would concur. There are real issues at the grassroots and grade level.”

Leader: Morris Iemma throughout his time as NSW Premier.

Picture: Jon Reid

CA president James Sutherland stated the video game’s governing body would “start an independent review into the conduct and culture of our Australian males’s groups”.

He has also worried the game needed to improve standards of behaviour across the board.Mr Iemma has been taking a close interest in the wash-up from the ball tampering legend, which has actually cost Steve Smith, Dave Warner, Cameron Bancroft and coach Darren Lehmann their jobs.The 56-year-old has 4 children who play cricket, with his child Clara contracted to the Sydney Sixers and ACT Comets.”Behaviour and sportsmanship has declined, absolutely it has,” Iemma stated. “I have actually seen a very clear pattern

in a decline in the behaviour of junior behaviours. [There is] dissent of umpiring decisions, verbal attacks on challengers.”[ At grade level] it’s not sledging, it’s a tirade. It remains in your face. It’s not:”oh, this guy cannot manage a bat”, they simply unload a spoken barrage. It’s expletive-laden negative comments. It’s instilled in them that it’s appropriate.”The Australian males’s cricket group has become associated with sledging and it is this win at all costs mentality Iemma thinks has actually infiltrated

lower ranks.He provided a story of a 13-year-old kid from Bankstown who was pointed out for saying to an umpire in a junior associate match:”you’ve got to be f *** ing joking”and that he need to”go and get f– ed “. “He got an eight-match suspension in all forms of cricket for his behaviour,”Mr Iemma said. “I do not ever remember anybody, let alone somebody that young, taking a suspension for such a blatant act of dissent against an official.”Mr Iemma told another story about a teenager playing park cricket who violated the line and it was what he stated afterwards to the former political leader that confirmed to him there were inherent issues in the game at present.”

I sat in on among the conflict hearings and I asked the player a very easy concern: why in his follow through did he complete up best beside the batsman and shout a string of profanities?”Mr Iemma stated.”He said it was part and parcel of the video game, it’s the

small talk of the video game.”Where does he get that term from? He gets that term from the elite players. Where does he think following right up to the batsman’s face and discharging a string of verbals at him is part and parcel of the game? He just gets it from the men he enjoys on TV.

Therefore do the juniors.”Tom Good is a journalist with Fairfax Media.Morning & Afternoon Newsletter